The 11 Best Sides To Serve With Bagels

While standard bread was the standard for so long, bagels have gained more and more popularity in recent history to now become one of the standard options with them being available almost worldwide.

The 11 Best Sides To Serve With Bagels

These are a staple, especially for breakfast, and especially if they are freshly baked, you know that bagels will be popular.

While some bagels can taste similar to standard bread, while others have a more unique flavor, what really helps bagels stand out is their soft and chewy inside which is countered by the crusty outside which pulls everything together.

However, one thing about bagels is that while we are sure that you can enjoy your bagel by itself, especially if it is freshly baked, your experience will be so much better if you add a filling or a side to go alongside it.

And the best thing about bagels, is how many different fillings they suit. You can put almost anything in a bagel, and treat it like you would a sandwich.

But, you can also get different flavored bagels which will complement different sides and fillings better.

When it comes to bagels, the possibilities are endless, and the amount of combinations you can make with bagels and different sides feels limitless.

Something you may have wondered, especially if you eat bagels often, is what are the most common, but more importantly, the tastiest fillings and sides you can serve alongside your bagels.

While we said anything works with a bagel, this does not mean that there are not certain fillings that work a lot better than others.

Because of this, we have gathered our 11 favorite fillings in this list so you can see what we think are the best fillings and sides for you to add to your bagels.

So, whether you are serving them at an event, or just want a quick snack, and want the best bagel possible, keep reading to get our top recommendations!

Why You Should Serve Sides With Bagels

As we mentioned earlier, bagels are delicious by themselves, especially if you enjoy them toasted, or with a warm drink. However, this does not capture the true versatility of a bagel, and just how much you can get out of one.

There are so many different options for what you can enjoy with a bagel, that if you are only having them plain, then you are truly missing out.

That is why we have put together this list with the best fillings and sides for you to enjoy with your bagels.

Also, if you add a nice hearty filling to your bagel, this also balances out the nutritional value of the bagel so you will not just be getting the carbs from the bagel, but the nutrients from the other ingredients as well.

This also makes it, so the bagel will satiate you more with a good filling, this means that you will be less tempted to eat more bagels and instead will be satisfied with a more controlled portion.

Also preparing a bagel with fillings or sides is super easy and is a great way to make a healthy and satisfying snack that will assuage your hunger and help you get through the day.

So, if this has convinced you that adding a fillings or side to your bagel is worth it, then keep reading to say our top recommendations for sides to go with bagels!

Our Favorite Sides To Serve With Bagels

There are plenty of different sides and toppings you can serve with your bagels, however, this list includes what we think are the very best and take full advantage of being paired with a bagel.

Because of this we have also gathered a wide variety of different options, so there is something here for everyone, and hopefully everyone will have a couple of options for what they like.

So, if you do not know what to add into your bagel, then keep reading!

1. Scrambled Eggs

This is perhaps one of the most standard combinations since scrambled eggs with a bagel is a pretty common combo.

This is a great way to balance out all the protein you get from the eggs with the carbs of the bagel to help fill you up.

However, plain scrambled eggs and a bagel can be quite boring, so make sure to spice it up and experiment with different additions or seasonings.

For example, it is super easy to add different ingredients and seasonings into scrambled eggs while you are cooking them, and this can greatly improve the overall flavor, you could also add an extra ingredient like cheese as well to add some more texture and a stronger flavor!

2. Tuna Salad

This is quite a refreshing combination and makes for the perfect filling but tasty breakfast. Making a tuna salad is easy and just adding it to a bagel makes it a lot more portable, as well as substantial.

The intense flavors of the tuna are mellowed out a bit by the simple flavor of the bagel. However, you could also get a bagel that has a more specific or seasoned flavor that will compliment the tuna salad.

This is also an easy option to customize, or to add extra ingredients to, for example, adding a cream cheese in the bagel adds a creamy layer to mix the components together and adds a lighter flavor!

3. Fruit Salad

Now, if you are looking for a sweet filling for a bagel, this is our top choice! However, you want to ensure that your fruits are not too wet when adding them to your bagel as this can ruin its structural integrity.

However, other than this, there are not too many rules, and you can customize this bagel as much as you want.

Try using your favorite fruit salad fillings first, and then maybe try including some fruits that you are not that accustomed to.

Like most things you add a bagel to, this makes the fruit salad portable if you use it as a bagel filling which is a very practical and healthy option!

4. Oatmeal

This is not something we would recommend using as a filling for the bagel, but instead something that will work alongside it.

If you have some oatmeal with your bagel, this will be a perfect breakfast combination and will help fuel you to get through the day.

So, if you love starting your day off with a strong breakfast, but want to try something different, we recommend having oatmeal and a bagel with your favorite additions!

5. Smoked Salmon

This is a classic for a reason, the smoked salmon flavor is an incredibly luxurious and deep flavor to add to your bagel and will make it a much more tasty experience.

If you have never tried smoked salmon with a bagel, then you are definitely missing out, and this is something we strongly recommend you try!

We do not really recommend adding the smoked salmon straight onto the bagel, while this can work, we recommend adding a spread to help meld the two.

While you can use something like cream cheese, you can also use butter for a more minimalist approach!

6. Crispy Bacon And Cream Cheese

Now if you want something salty but still with an amazing fresh flavor, this combination of bacon with cream cheese is amazing and something we highly recommend.

This is actually a pretty classic bagel filling, and it is so popular for a reason! If you have any leftover bacon lying around, this is the perfect way to use it up, and it is something that will be the perfect lunch or breakfast!

7. Green Salad

If you want a refreshing filling for your bagel, then we have to recommend adding a green salad. You do not have to restrict yourself to just using the green salad, and you can use green salad with almost any of our other recommendations.

However, if you do just want to use the green salad and bagel, we recommend adding some of your favorite dressing to make it more interesting!

8. Tomato Soup

This obviously will not work as a filling, but dipping a bagel in your tomato soup is a joy and something we recommend everyone try, especially if your bagel has fillings or seasonings that complement the soup!

9. Ground Beef Omelette

Now, if you want the best option for packing your bagel with as much protein as possible, we recommend cooking up an omelette with ground beef and your favorite seasonings, and cooking it to the perfect size that it will fit inside a bagel. This will fill you up and keep you satisfied!

10. Baked Beans And Eggs

This again will not work as a filling, but will be great to have a bagel dunked in. Getting all the flavors from the beans and the eggs is delicious, and you can scoop up as much of it as you want!

11. Cream Cheese And Whatever You Want

While there are plenty of specific combinations of ingredients which we think work great when added to a bagel, we just wanted to emphasize at the end just how versatile of an ingredient cream cheese is, and how it can marry bagels to just about whatever other filling you could want!

While there are of course some fillings or sides that will not work with cream cheese, there are plenty that do, and the combination of cream cheese and a bagel is a match made in heaven.

So feel free to experiment when it comes to what you combine with cream cheese and a bagel!


Hopefully this list has given you some great recommendations for what you can put in, or serve alongside your bagel.

While we have chosen a wide variety of different options here, this is by no means everything you can add, and there are practically no limitations when it comes to what you can add into your bagel.

Because of this make sure to try out as much as you like from this list and to not be held back, by experimenting with different combinations of fillings, you might be able to find a new favorite bagel filling combo that no one else has made before!

The 11 Best Sides To Serve With Bagels

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Are you wondering what the best sides to serve with bagels are? If so, we have 11 of our favorite sides and fillings that are perfect for you to add to bagels!


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Are you wondering what the best sides to serve with bagels are? If so, we have 11 of our favorite sides and fillings that are perfect for you to add to bagels!

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