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Casey Jeffries

Do you enjoy cooking? Are you able to create beautiful main dishes, but you’re always stuck on what sides to serve with them? I can help you out.

Hi, I’m Aubrey, and I have been a chef for close to 8 years. Cooking has always been a passion of mine, as long as I can remember. I loved my play kitchen when I was a kid, and would offer my parents my own (albeit gross) cookie recipes to taste!

I knew that as soon as I was old enough I wanted to go to culinary school, and learn all of the tools and techniques I needed to create spectacular dishes that all could enjoy.

In my time, I’ve worked in a range of different restaurants…and seen a lot of real life kitchen nightmares, and one of my biggest irks is when I’ve been restricted in what I can create for customers.

Some restaurants have set menus, with a clientele that doesn’t like things spicy, hot, or flavorful. My biggest pet peeve is bland food. I think that eating is a blissful experience, and should be treated as such.

When we joke about what our last meal would be if we could choose, we always pick something extravagant, with lots of sides, flavors, sauces, and all of our favorite ingredients. So, why don’t we live life like this, and enjoy incredible meals every single day?

Here at ButterandSaltGatherings, I want to offer a wide range of ingredients, flavors, meals and recipes so that you can start living each day to the fullest, and enjoy only the best food.

With this site, I hope to spread the word, by offering you some delicious recipes, side dish recommendations, and informational guides about what various foods and cuisines taste like.

If you’re unsure what to serve for your next dinner party, I can answer your queries here at ButterandSaltGatherings.


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