The Best Food Processor Substitutes

There’s no denying just how valuable the food processor can be when it comes to aiding our cooking tasks. Thanks to the food processor, we can save plenty of time while preparing and cooking food.

A food processor can help us chop, mix, and process a huge range of different foods, but what are we supposed to do if we don’t have one? This is a common problem people that don’t own a food processor have.

The Best Food Processor Substitutes

If your recipe calls for a food processor and you don’t have one, or if it’s broken, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s post, we’re going to show you the best food processor substitutes you can use.

To do that, we’ve listed the very best options on one convenient list. We’ll show you what each substitute has to offer, and how it can be used to substitute a food processor. Let’s get started!

What Is A Food Processor?

Before we look at the best food processor substitutes, let’s look more closely at what a food processor actually is and what it does.

A food processor is a kitchen appliance that can be used to prepare food.

More often than not a food processor is used to cut, mix, and process food, taking away the manual work we have to do to prepare food.

It is usually used as an alternative to mechanical mixers, electric knives, and other common appliances.

Food processors run off electrical power. Some of the most common things people use food processors for include chopping, shredding, slicing, blending, and grating.

A food processor substitute should be able to do some if not all of these things too.

The 7 Best Food Processor Substitutes

Now you know more about the food processor and what it does, let’s look at the best food processor substitutes.

We have 7 different substitutes to show you so we best get started. We’ll start with the blender!

1. Food Blender

An electric food blender is arguably the best and easiest food processor substitute. It essentially does the same job as the food processor, making it a quick and easy solution to your problems.

Like the food processor, we can use a food blender to puree fruits and vegetables, mince meat, prepare fresh juice, make smoothies, and simply cut up foods.

Older food blender models might not be capable of doing as many things as a food processor but newer models do come with more functionality.

You might even be able to swap out the blades so that you can use a blender more similarly to a food processor.

2. Food Mixer

A food mixer is a good food processor substitute for those of you that want a hassle-free experience. Food mixers are easy to look after, easy to maintain, and even easier to use.

Generally, they are also a lot easier to operate than a food processor.

The main reason a food mixer is easier to use is due to how many functions it has. Food mixers tend to have just one function. That function is mixing.

On the other hand, food processors have multiple functions like chopping, slicing, and mincing. This can make them harder to use.

You can use a mixer to mix ingredients at different speeds. The only downside to this substitute is that it can’t be used to cut, chop, and slice ingredients. Therefore, it is a better substitute for smaller and simpler tasks.

3. Food Chopper

The next food processor substitute we have for you is a food chopper. Food choppers are a great alternative when it comes to chopping, cutting, and slicing food.

This kitchen appliance consists of a sharp blade and a bowl that catches the chopped ingredients.

One of the best things about this food processor substitute is how versatile it is. Food choppers typically come with multiple blades that offer different functionalities.

The different blades make it possible to cut, chop, and slice different types of food. Some food choppers can even be used to grate ingredients.

Another fantastic thing about this substitute is how it can be easily stored.

Food choppers are small and compact, so they easily fit in most cupboards or kitchen countertops.

4. Knife & Cutting Board

We don’t always have to opt for electrical appliances when looking for a food processor substitute.

Sometimes it’s better to just do it ourselves. It may take more time, but a simple food processor substitute is a knife and cutting board.

The beauty of this substitute is that it’s almost certain you have both of these things in your kitchen already. Therefore, you won’t have to buy anything else or venture out to the stores.

Using a knife and cutting board, you can easily cut, chop, slice, and grate ingredients in a pinch. In terms of what you can cut, the options are virtually endless. You can cut fruits, vegetables, and meats with ease.

When push comes to shove, you can even use this substitute to puree food. It’s probably also worth noting that this can be the most affordable substitute on this list as you won’t have to spend big bucks on any appliances.

5. Grinder

The next food processor substitute on this list is a grinder. Grinders have been used for hundreds of years to process different types of food so it only makes sense to use one if you don’t have a food processor.

The original grinder models were limited in what they could do but newer models have now been equipped with more advanced features that make them much more versatile.

Today, we can expect most grinders to cut, crush, and mash different types of food.

Similar to food mixers, grinders come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to suit different individuals. As a result, you should easily be able to find the grinder that suits your needs.

We recommend using a food processor to grind meats and vegetables. You can use a grinder to crush foods or turn them into a fine powder or pulp.

6. Juicer

We’ll admit, at first glance, a juicer seems like a poor substitute for a food processor. However, it is actually a productive substitute that works well when it comes to pureeing fruits and vegetables.

You won’t need a large juicer to get the job done either. A small-size juicer will be more than enough to quickly and effectively puree fruits and vegetables. One of the most convenient things about a juicer is its consistency.

Attaining the desired puree texture or consistency couldn’t be any easier. Most juicers come with a variety of different features that give us better control over how well ingredients are juiced.

As you can probably imagine, the one downside to this substitute is its lack of other uses.

7. Large Grater

The final food processor substitute on this list is a large grater. This is another quick, easy, and affordable substitute that mimics some of the functions a food processor offers.

Like the knife and chopping board substitute, this is an alternative you might already have in your kitchen.

A large grater can be easily used to prepare fruit and vegetables. The very best large graters will be able to prepare your food in multiple ways. In fact, some graters have several different cutting and grating options.

This is great because it starts to offer more versatility like food processors do. With a grater, you can grate, cut, slice, and puree fruits and vegetables. We don’t recommend preparing meat with this substitute though.

In this instance, you’re better off using a food grinder.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 7 food processor substitutes that you can use if you don’t have a food processor. All the substitutes we’ve looked at on our list can be used to replace some of the best functions a food processor offers.

While some of the substitutes on our list are limited in how many functions they offer, there’s no reason you still can’t use them to quickly solve your food processor problems.

Now you have our list at your fingertips, all you have to do is decide which substitute suits your needs and requirements best. We’re confident that the substitute you choose will effectively help you get the job done!

The Best Food Processor Substitutes

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  • Food Blender

  • Food Mixer

  • Food Chopper

  • Knife & Cutting Board

  • Grinder

  • Juicer

  • Large Grater


  • Decide on what substitute you need
  • Pick a substitute from the list above
  • Read what you need to substitute with
  • Create the recipe and enjoy
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