4 Best Cream Of Mushroom Soup Substitutes

Having a single ingredient missing from a big recipe that you’re planning is just the worst feeling, isn’t it? It almost feels like you can’t justify going out and grabbing it if it’s just a single item.

Take cream of mushroom soup, as an example. It’s a pretty niche item that not everyone is going to have handy in their pantry.

So if you find that a recipe suddenly calls for it, and you weren’t expecting it, what are you supposed to do? Go out shopping for a single ingredient? It almost feels like a waste!

However, before you throw in the towel immediately, and phone for takeout, it might be worth seeing if you have something else in your kitchen that fits the bill and gets you a creamy texture in the same way.

If this sounds like something you’d like to prep for, here are the ingredients or foods that we considered the best substitutes for the cream of mushroom soup.

4 Best Cream Of Mushroom Soup Substitutes

What Is Cream Of Mushroom Soup?

Before we dive straight into the substitutes, let’s first go over some of the important details that make this creamy ingredient so good to work with, and show what you’ll need to replace in your substitute.

Cream of mushroom soup is a condensed soup that is usually sold in airtight cans or containers.

The cream is made from a combination of both cream and mushroom (unsurprisingly), but also plenty of other ingredients, like garlic seasoning, cornstarch, vegetable oil, and water.

The result is exactly what it looks like on the tin, and that’s not just metaphorical here.

This is a creamy, thick soup that has the flavor of seasoned mushroom, that can be eaten as it comes when heated up, or added to a recipe to change the flavor or viscosity of a sauce.

Being a mushroom-based soup, this food is also vegetarian-friendly, opening up extra flavors to those who cannot eat fish or meat alternatives.

Of course, the cream being a dairy-derived product also means that this isn’t a vegan-friendly product, and isn’t ideal for people with lactose or gluten intolerance.

So there are plenty of reasons that you may be looking for a cream of mushroom soup alternative, aside from simply not having any in your pantry.

1. Cream Of Chicken Soup

Starting with one of the best alternatives that you’ll likely be able to reach for, you can’t go wrong with a can of cream chicken soup.

Cream of chicken soup, like mushroom before it, is exactly what it sounds like, with a cream and chicken base that is further seasoned with other ingredients.

In terms of texture, the two are virtually the same. They both have a thick, creamy feel in your mouth, with pieces of their named ingredient adding further elements to that texture.

The chicken has a slightly different texture to the mushrooms, but they otherwise largely feel and behave the same, whether you’re eating it or adding it to a recipe.

Cream of chicken soup also has a similar umami flavor to it that cream of mushroom soup has, meaning that you can expect a similar flavor from this substitute when added to other meals too, albeit with a slightly more meaty taste and texture.

Plus, cream of chicken soup is an ingredient that many people are likely to have at the back of their pantries, in case of a rainy or feeling-under-the-weather day (another popular use for cream of mushroom soup).

However, because it is made in such a similar way, also means that many of the dietary restrictions that you’ll have with mushrooms apply to this cream soup, with it containing both dairy and gluten.

Plus, the chicken aspect also means that even vegetarians can’t enjoy it!

Still, if you like the more meaty flavor, this is an ideal substitute to have. 

2. Cream Of Celery Soup

If you’re looking to avoid the meat products of the last substitute, then you’ll want to turn to one of the many vegetable cream soups that you can find out there.

Cream of celery soup is probably one of the most popular options that you’ll find out there. Like the previous soups, this one is made by mixing and marinating celery with the other ingredients that we are well familiar with by this point.

Because it does not contain any meat products like the cream of chicken soup does, you’ll be avoiding many of the dietary issues that you would have with meat, making this substitute vegetarian friendly once again.

And again, this is made in a very similar manner to the cream of mushroom soup too, so you’ll still be getting that distinct texture that these canned condensed soups have.

However, you will notice that flavor has distinctly changed, tasting a lot more earthy and herbal than cream of mushroom soup does.

If you love that umami flavor of mushroom, as well as that smooth texture from the mushroom pieces, you’ll probably want to skip this option.

And, like with cream of mushroom soup, you may also have issues eating celery condensed soup, as it still contains gluten and dairy products.

However, if you’re looking for a creamed soup with a more veggie-filled taste, this is the substitute for you!

3. Heavy Cream

Moving away from the condensed soups for a minute, we have a slightly different dairy product that can still help you get that texture that you love.

Heavy cream, served on its own, will accomplish a lot of the same things that you’ll be looking for in a cream of mushroom soup.

It has a consistency that is broadly similar to the latter, and has a nice, neutral flavor to it, meaning that it won’t ruin the flavor of a dish you are adding it to.

Plus, with none of the cornstarch in this mix, you’’ also be able to avoid the gluten aspect of these substitutes, so it may fit better with your dietary schedule.

However, there are a few differences that you’ll need to consider. The flavor and texture will feel and taste different from the cream of mushroom soup in a big way. It’s noticeably smoother and doesn’t have nearly the same umami flavor as mushrooms.

Plus, of course, it’s just heavy cream by itself. Unlike cream of mushroom soup, which can be eaten on its own, this isn’t exactly the kind of food that you could eat in the same way, is it?

And it is still a dairy product, so lactose intolerant people and vegans will have to miss out on this product.

Put simply, this is an ingredient that you add to another recipe, rather than a food in itself.

So, if you’re using the cream of mushroom soup for cooking in another recipe, rather than eating it on its own, this is a good substitute to go with.

4. Basic White Cream

So, we’ve covered plenty of great alternatives that you can try, but not many that are accommodating for people looking for vegan-friendly or dairy-intolerant people.

Fortunately, our final option is a solution that you can enjoy, whilst avoiding the peskier elements of the previous substitutes.

The basic white cream is simply a combination of both melted butter and all-purpose four that has been heated up and mixed until it reaches a similar viscosity to the cream soup.

While you can use regular butter in this recipe, it is also totally possible to achieve a similar result by using non-dairy butter, giving you that creamy texture in a vegan-friendly form that we’ve been sorely lacking in all of the previous entries.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to this. While you will get a creamy, buttery texture and buttery flavor to basic white cream when done right, it lacks a lot of the savory/umami flavor that many of the other options have.

Plus, it’s worth noting that this requires multiple different ingredients to make, rather than simply being in a can like the previous options were. If you’re missing one option, you may be out of luck.

Following on from that last point, the fact that this isn’t a canned option means that you’re putting a seriously short shelf life on this alternative, compared to the other canned options.

However, if you’re looking for that texture in a way that isn’t going to ruin your gut health, this is a great option that you can make fresh with your own two hands.

Final Notes

So, as you can see, just because you’re out of cream of mushroom soup, does not mean that you are out of luck when it comes to substitutes in your kitchen.

4 Best Cream Of Mushroom Soup Substitutes

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