The 11 Best Sides To Serve With Turkey Wings

When you think of wings, the first thing you will probably assume is that you are having chicken wings, however this is not always the case.

It has become a lot more common recently for turkey wings to be served because a lot of people prefer the nutritional value of turkey and want to include it more in their diets.

The 11 Best Sides To Serve With Turkey Wings

So meat lovers everywhere have started to serve turkey wings a lot more often, and the best part is that they are not even that different.

Because of how much popularity turkey wings have they are now being served as an option in most venues that previously just served chicken wings.

These wings are absolutely delicious, and you can prepare them however you want just like you can with chicken wings.

In spite of this, turkey wings do taste slightly different because turkey has a slightly more distinct taste compared to chicken.

So, while the preparing turkey wings the way you usually would chicken wings would still be fine, there are ways to improve upon this by choosing flavors that complement the unique flavor of the turkey.

You can achieve this through different seasonings and methods of cooking the turkey wings, however, another way to take advantage of this is to choose specific sides to serve with your turkey wings to make them even better!

Luckily, turkey wings are incredibly versatile and it is not hard to find a side that will taste delicious with them.

However, there are some sides which will work better than others, and if you are hosting a party or an event where you want to serve turkey wings, it is useful to know what you should serve with them which will complement their flavor.

So, if you want to serve turkey wings, but you are unsure just what will taste best with them, then keep reading to get our 11 best side dishes that taste amazing when cooked with turkey!

Why You Should Serve Sides With Turkey Wings

As we mentioned in the introduction, turkey wings are delicious, and there are plenty of different ways to enjoy them.

However, if you want to enjoy them in the most nutritious and enjoyable way possible, then pairing them with a side, or a few sides, that have a complimentary flavor, as well as pairing well nutritionally, you will be eating a lot better and having a tastier time doing it!

As most people who eat turkey regularly know, turkey is quite nutritious and is a great meat to eat if you want to eat healthier.

However, whatever meat you prefer, it is not healthy to eat meat in portion sizes that are too large, and this is why we know it is important to serve meat with sides that complement it.

This is especially important if you are hosting as you will likely want to have extra dishes available, so guests will have enough to eat, this will also make the meal more interesting, and will help people who are eating the food from getting overwhelmed by just one flavor.

So, if this has convinced you that having a side with your turkey wings is important, keep reading to see some of our favorite selections!

Our Favorite Sides To Have With Turkey Wings

While you may not like the idea or taste of all of these sides, all of these taste amazing with turkey wings, and we encourage you to try them if you like the ingredients and how they taste.

While not all of these are something you would initially expect for a side to be served with turkey wings, we wanted to suggest options you may have not considered!

1. Peanut Dipping Sauce

When it comes to a side to serve with wings, one you simply can not miss is a good dipping sauce.

And while there are plenty of standard dipping sauces that you likely already have in, our favorite is one you can make yourself being a yummy and creamy peanut dipping sauce.

This is a popular dipping sauce around the world, and while you may not have tried it before, you will understand why it is so popular once you have tasted it.

This is a perfect way to add moisture to your wings if you are worried you dried them out a little bit, but however you enjoy peanut dipping sauce, you know it will be delicious!

The recipe does have quite a few different ingredients ranging from peanut butter, to coconut milk, to fish sauce and sriracha, but once they are all combined they will taste amazing!

If you want to go the extra mile, you can even use your own ground peanuts instead of peanut butter!

2. Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Going for something completely different from a dipping sauce is these delicious garlic mashed potatoes that are packed with flavor.

Lots of people enjoy having mashed potatoes with their turkey wings, but if you want to elevate your mashed potatoes to make them better fit your turkey wings, then we strongly recommend trying out this recipe yourself.

We all know that mashed potatoes are delicious, so if you want to make an even better recipe you can rely on to be a crowd pleaser in the future, then this is one you will have to try!

For the best potatoes for this recipe, we prefer using an Idaho Russet as it is perfect for making creamy and fluffy, however if you can not find this, you can utilize the versatility of a Yukon Gold.

3. Sautéed Asparagus

Now for something that is a bit more refreshing is one of our top vegetable choice being sautéed asparagus.

While this veggie is not too popular since a lot of people have been subjected to eating an over or undercooked version of it, once it is cooked correctly it will taste amazing, and best of all it pairs amazingly with turkey wings.

There are also plenty of ways to cook asparagus, but our favorite is sautéing since you can easily add a yummy garlic flavor to make them taste a little better.

Make sure that when you are cooking asparagus that you buy it as fresh as possible as its quality can degrade if you leave it in your fridge for a bit too long.

4. Soy Ginger Dipping Sauce

Now, for another amazing dipping sauce that tastes amazing with turkey wings, we have to try this soy and ginger combination which is more commonly referred to as Szechuan sauce.

This is quite a simple dipping sauce to prepare, but once you have made it, you will never want to stop dipping whatever you can into it. It is also a great choice to make if you are in a rush, so you have to try this sauce next time you have wings.

5. Sautéed Spinach And Mushrooms

If you are looking for a healthy side to serve with your turkey wings, then we strongly recommend putting together this simple combination of sautéed spinach and mushrooms.

While the recipe may seem simple, the results you get are amazing, and the flavor you put into the spinach and mushrooms goes great with your turkey wings.

The earthy flavors of the mushrooms and spinach complement your turkey wings, so this is something we recommend you try when you are having turkey wings.

6. Fried Rice

A lot of people tend to forget just how amazing rice and chicken are when they are served together.

And while chicken and rice together is amazing, we think it can be elevated by frying your rice to add some extra flavor.

There are plenty of different variations of fried rice to try, and we recommend experimenting to see which you like the best, and which will go best with turkey wings.

Whatever type of rice you choose to serve with your turkey wings, we know that the results will be amazing!

7. Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Salad

One of the best ways to enhance the flavor of a vegetable, especially if it is one that you do not often enjoy, is by roasting it. This brings out a lot of flavor that you usually would not get if it was raw.

One of the best vegetables for doing this with is cauliflower. You can also add seasoning to your cauliflower so that when you are roasting it you get even more flavor.

We love combining roasted cauliflower with a salad as this cuts out any bitterness by making it more refreshing.

This salad is an amazing choice for pairing with turkey wings as the refreshing salad, and the depth of flavor from the roasted cauliflower tastes amazing when combined with the wings.

8. Apple Slaw

We are not the first people to point out that sweet goes well with savory, but if you are serving a delicious salty turkey wings, the best way to cut through the savory and make a delicious complimentary flavor is to add a sweet slaw like apple slaw.

We love how apple slaw pairs with most meats, and turkey wings are no exception to this, so if you want to try a new combo, this is something we recommend!

9. Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Roasting brussels sprouts is another way to add flavor to this vegetable which a lot of people think that they do not like.

In all likelihood, you have just probably had brussels sprouts that have not been cooked well, so if you ensure that they are roasted to perfection, you can trust that they will taste amazing!

10. Simple Italian Green Beans

This is a simple recipe, but they taste amazing alongside turkey wings, and we strongly recommend you try out this combination.

The use of garlic in this recipe goes well with your turkey wings, and this will just be a new favorite side of yours which you will want to keep making!

11. Candied Yams

If you have never tried candied yams, or if you have never enjoyed them with meat before, then you are missing out. Making candied yams yourself is not too hard, and this is a combination I recommend everyone tries at least once!


Hopefully this list has given you plenty of inspiration on what you should be serving with your turkey wings. There are plenty of different options, and do not feel restricted to choosing just one side as plenty of these complement each other too!

The 11 Best Sides To Serve With Turkey Wings

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