6 Plum Extract Substitutes That You Can Try In Your Recipe Today

Plum extract is a versatile ingredient used in a wide range of sweet and savory recipes. It is made by simmering fresh or dried plums in water until the fruit is soft, and then straining out the liquid to create a concentrated extract.

It has a distinctive flavor that is both tart and sweet, and it is often used to add depth and complexity to sauces, marinades, baked goods, and cocktails.

Of course, as the master baker that you are, you already knew this! But, even the most experienced baker can sometimes find it hard to find suitable alternatives to some ingredients.

6 Plum Extract Substitutes That You Can Try In Your Recipe Today

For distance, plum extract may not always be readily available in every grocery store or kitchen pantry. In such cases, it is important to know which other ingredients can be used as a substitute for plum extract. 

Luckily, there are a variety of ingredients that can replicate the flavor and aroma of plum extract, allowing you to continue cooking and baking without interruption.

And, we are here to help you find the best substitutes. Whether you are looking for a quick and easy replacement or a more creative alternative, we have got you covered.

From other fruit extracts to common kitchen staples, we will provide you with a range of options to choose from, so that you can find the perfect substitute for your recipe.

What Is Plum Extract?

Native to Korea, plum extract is a popular ingredient used worldwide. It is made from green plums, generally known as Japanese apricots in culinary circles.

These plums are marinated in honey and sugar for several months which results in their distinctive gooey, thick extract that is so popular and important in many recipes. 

Plum extract is often used in dipping and marinating sauces thanks to its sweet and tangy flavor. It is also commonly used in Soju cocktails (Soju is a clear, distilled alcoholic beverage popular in Korean regions).

Plum extract is also added to marinades for meat, helping eliminate any oily flavors and meaty odors. It also softens meat resulting in tenderized perfection, ready for cooking. 

All in all, there are many ways you can use this versatile extract. It can be added to tea. Simply add some hot water and you can enjoy a delicious cup of Maesil Cha tea. 

Although versatile, plum extract is not everyone’s cup of tea. It can also be hard to come by at times. In these cases, substitutes can be used. Thankfully, there are multiple options available as we will discuss below. 

Tasty Plum Extract Substitutes To Try Today

1. Garlic Teriyaki

Initially, one might assume that plum extract comprises mainly of plums, but, in truth, it encompasses various other constituents, such as garlic.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that garlic teriyaki sauce can prove to be one of the most effective replacements for plum extract.

To concoct your own garlic teriyaki sauce, mix teriyaki sauce, five-spice powder, minced garlic cloves, red wine vinegar, kidney beans (cooked or canned will suffice), and molasses.

Ensure that you blend the ingredients thoroughly until you achieve a sauce that closely mimics the flavor and texture of plum extract.

2. Black Beans With Plums

If you want to include more beans in your diet in a tasty and nutritious manner, you should try making black beans with plums.

Unlike most bean recipes that include pork or ham, black beans with plums recipes are entirely vegetarian, which makes them an excellent choice for people who follow a plant-based diet.

Moreover, the plums not only provide a natural sweetness to the dish but also reduce the requirement for added sugars or sweeteners. As a result, such recipes are healthy and delectable ways to consume your daily serving of beans.

3. Bean Paste And Brown Sugar

The flavor of plum extract typically encompasses a combination of sweetness and mild saltiness. Whilst this can be hard to replicate, bean paste and brown sugar can act as a similar alternative.

This mixture can help you obtain a comparable consistency and flavor so your recipe and dish don’t need to suffer any consequences! 

For the best possible outcomes, you should blend bean paste, brown sugar, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, and five-spice powder together.

Ensure that you blend the ingredients thoroughly to obtain a delicious plum extract alternative that is almost identical in taste. This is one of our favorite substitutes for plum extract. Try it and see what you think!

4. A Plum, An Onion, And A Pear

It may sound like the start of a joke, but these three ingredients can make for a great plum extract alternative. By blending a plum, an onion, and a pear together, you can create a delightful sauce that closely resembles plum extract. 

If you wish to create a paste, cook down plums and pear in water with some brown sugar. Next, incorporate some blanched and minced onion (this should be placed in boiling water first to soften its texture) and all-spice into the paste.

Process this combination thoroughly in a food processor or blender.

5. Peanut Butter With Soy Sauce

This is one to make all you peanut butter fans happy, and there are a lot of you! If you’re like most of us, peanut butter is a staple in your household.

But, you may not know that it can also serve as a seasoning ingredient. Combining peanut butter with soy sauce is a quick and delicious way to add savory complexity to a variety of meals and can act as a great substitute for plum extract.

Soy sauce boasts an umami flavor that complements the natural nuttiness of peanut butter. Meanwhile, its additional salty nature counterbalances the overall sweetness.

This mixture can be utilized in lieu of plum extract in baked goods like cookies, cakes, and pies. Just substitute the same amount of peanut butter and soy sauce for the extract in your recipe.

Depending on the saltiness of your soy sauce, you may need to play around with the amount of sweetener, though. 

Overall, this is an effortless substitution, allowing you to make baked treats that are rich in taste and sure to impress anyone.

6. Garlic & Prunes

We’ve already discussed garlic teriyaki as an alternative to plum extract but here is another for you garlic lovers out there. A mixture of garlic and prunes is an excellent replacement for plum extract.

All you need to do is start by boiling pitted prunes until they are soft and tender. Then, add some garlic cloves, soy sauce, and a liberal amount of dry sherry to the softened prunes.

Blend all these ingredients together until you obtain a paste that closely resembles plum extract, even better than you thought possible. It may not sound like it would work as a plum extract alternative but trust us, it does! Give it a go and see for yourself. 

In Summary

Although plum extract is a fantastic flavoring agent, there are several substitutes that can be used in its place.

From soy sauce and peanut butter to garlic and plums, there are many readily available ingredients that can provide a comparable flavor profile to plum extract.

Creating a substitute for plum extract may require a little experimentation, and you may not get a like-for-like replacement, but with the right combination of ingredients and proper adjustments, you can achieve excellent results.

So, the next time you run out of plum extract, try one of these alternatives and enjoy the same delicious taste in your recipes. And you know the score – Get in touch to let us know which one you like the most!

6 Plum Extract Substitutes That You Can Try In Your Recipe Today

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