8 Tasty Side Dishes To Serve With Pancakes

Pancakes are some of the tastiest treats a person can eat. They are so easy to make at home, and can be enjoyed at any time of the day, whether you prefer them for breakfast, or as a tasty dessert.

8 Tasty Side Dishes To Serve With Pancakes

One of the best parts about making pancakes is that they are so versatile; you can add sweet toppings, or some savory treats. You could even add both if that’s your preference!

Below, we have listed 8 tasty side dishes to serve alongside your stack of pancakes.

What We Love About Pancakes

Pancakes are one of those sweets that are suitable for any time of the day and may be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dessert, or even as a quick snack. 

Despite having little to no nutritional content, and not being the healthiest food option, they are nevertheless among the most consumed foods worldwide.

Pancakes are a beloved snack of many people, regardless of whether you prefer them with sweet or savory toppings, or even without any at all.

So, why do we love pancakes so much? What makes them so special?

It is not recommended that we eat these baked goods for every meal of the day, but they taste so much better as a treat every once in a while. They are fluffy, sweet, and filling enough to keep you going for hours on end.

They are also versatile. You can cover them with sweet toppings, such as syrup or fruit, or you can pair them with savory food items, like bacon or fried chicken.

Some people prefer to use sweet and savory toppings, i.e., bacon and syrup.

Pancakes can be eaten without any toppings at all, and still remain a tasty treat. A stack of pancakes is always good, even with just a knob of melted butter on top.

However, we do recommend serving pancakes with some tasty side dishes. These can elevate the flavors to the next level, regardless of whether you prefer sweet or savory toppings (or both combined).

Read on to find out what our go-to side dishes are in order to complement a hearty stack of pancakes.

8 Side Dishes To Serve With Pancakes

1. Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

To start off this list, we have a side dish that is actually pretty healthful for you. Fruit salad is one of the most popular side dishes for pancakes.

A fruit salad can be personalized to your taste. Whatever your favorite fruits are, you can just chop them up and add them to your pancakes in whichever way you prefer.

You can add some syrup into the mix if you fancy, or a simple dust of sugar, to add a little extra sweetness, although the fruit will provide more than enough natural sweetness on its own.

Popular fruits that are used as toppings for a stack of pancakes are strawberries, blueberries, and bananas, but you can get creative with your own favorite fruits and berries.

2. Bacon


Next up, we have a pancake side dish that is one of the most popular pancake toppings of all time, and one of the world’s favorite breakfast foods.

Not much can beat some extra crispy bacon. When paired with the soft, sweetness of a stack of pancakes, this combination is an unstoppable force.

Whether you prefer to eat your bacon separate to your pancakes, or you pile both onto your fork for a generous mouthful, you’re in for a delicious treat.

Again, we recommend pairing bacon with some syrup when eaten alongside a stack of pancakes.

The combination of sweet and salty flavors are unmatched, and there are so many reasons that this trio is one of the greatest breakfast meals of all time.

3. Sausage Links

Sausage Links

We’re not sure how pork, in so many varieties, became such a popular breakfast option, but we’re sure grateful it is. Although bacon might be our preferred breakfast meat, sausage links come in a close second.

When placed on top of a generous portion of fluffy pancake, scooped up on a fork, sausage links taste just amazing.

Although we absolutely adore sausage patties, there is something about sausage links that makes them taste even better, especially when eaten with a thick stack of pancakes.

This salty delight tastes even better when drizzled with some maple syrup, just like bacon.

One of our all-time favorite breakfast combinations is this sweet and savory mix because they just go together so beautifully. Enjoy by mixing the two with some pancakes!

4. Hash Browns

Hash Browns

You might be detecting a pattern in our selection of side dishes. The majority of them have so far been breakfast foods. This supports our claim that pancakes are among the most adaptable breakfast foods ever.

Hash browns can be prepared slightly differently depending on where you are from and where you get them Some prepare them as patties, while others just present them as shredded potatoes and onions on a plate.

No matter how they are prepared, hash browns are God-tier, and taste incredible alongside pancakes.

Of course, hash browns taste great with all food items, but they work particularly well with pancakes. In our opinion, the combination of sweet, soft pancakes and salty crunchiness of hash browns is unparalleled.

5. Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs

Poached, boiled, fried sunny side up or over-easy… there are so many ways that you can prepare eggs, and each and every method is so delicious.

However, when it comes to side dishes for pancakes, scrambled eggs have to be our first option.

Scrambled eggs are a great option for those who love the taste of eggs, but aren’t a fan of soft yolks, or yolks in general.

You can scramble egg whites and still end up with a tasty, nutritious result. Add some seasonings, and scrambled eggs are truly delicious.

You can top your pancakes with scrambled eggs, and drizzle a little syrup over the top, or you can plate them separately. No matter your preference, this is a side dish that we love.

6. Fried Apples/Bananas

Fried Apples/Bananas

Next, we have a classic and beloved sweet and fruity option. Although it might not be as healthy as the fruit salad at the top of the list, this option is just as delectable, and complements a stack of pancakes well.

You can make a deliciously gooey topping for your pancakes by sautéing bananas with some honey or brown sugar in a pan.

Alternatively, you may use the same method to cook some apples. For added flavor, some folks like to add rum while they’re cooking.

Again, you can serve your fried fruit as a side, or you can simply pour them over the top of your pancakes as a topping. Either way, it’s going to be delicious.

7. Home Baked Fries 

Home Baked Fries 

This may not be most folks’ first thought when they think about side dishes for pancakes, but this is probably the most popular side dish in the entire world, no matter what the main meal is.

Fries are a great choice at all times. Due to the lack of nutritional content, the double serving of carbohydrates may not be appealing to everyone, but that doesn’t mean this combination isn’t mouthwatering.

Making your own fries allows you to avoid adding unhealthy ingredients and to add your own seasonings for flavor.

Picture a stack of pancakes alongside a bowl of perfectly salted fries, and tell us that we’re wrong. This is a combination that you may not have considered before, but one that you will love.

8. Egg Muffins 

Egg Muffins 

Last, but certainly not least, we have another eggy option that is fairly healthful, depending on how you prepare them. They are also so easy to make at home, and quick to prepare!

Egg muffins are, essentially, mini omelettes. Just like fruit salads, you can prepare your egg muffins in whichever way you prefer, adding whichever ingredients you desire.

You could add ham and cheese, or some spinach and red onion, or even just create a plain egg muffin with no additional features, although we definitely recommend adding some extra ingredients for flavor.

Egg muffins are simple to make in cupcake liners and simple to pull out and add to pancakes. You can either add them to your pancake stack for quick access, or eat them separately.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re craving some bacon and hash browns with your breakfast stack, or you like the idea of a bowl of fruit salad with your dessert, there is no wrong way to serve side dishes with some pancakes.

Don’t forget to look back through this list the next time you serve some pancakes to decide which side dishes you’d prefer to serve alongside them.

We hope you found this article helpful.


8 Tasty Side Dishes To Serve With Pancakes

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