The 6 Best Substitutes For Fromage Blanc

When it comes to finding the right food, it can certainly be tricky – especially when there are special dietary requirements and health issues in the mix too.

Some especially tricky areas are dairy and cheese, foodstuffs that affect numerous people for many different reasons.

Luckily though, there have never been so many options available to us, ensuring those with even the most testing dietary needs can enjoy their food to the fullest.

One example is with fromage blanc – but what exactly is fromage blanc, and what substitutes are available?

The 6 Best Substitutes For Fromage Blanc

What Is Fromage Blanc?

Literally translating to ‘white cheese’, fromage blanc is a French, fresh soft cheese found throughout northern France, and southern Belgium.

Known for its characteristic creamy taste and soft texture, fromage blanc is a common ingredient in numerous different dishes, making it one of the most popular and versatile cream cheeses on the market.

One thing that is unusual about fromage blanc is how many dishes it can actually be used within.

It can also be used across the sweet and savory scale, with common methods including as a dessert with fruit, spread on bread, or enjoyed as an ingredient in cooked savory dishes.

How Is It Made?

Fromage blanc is famously made from whole or skimmed milk, which is allowed to ferment for a short while – curdling the milk to create a yogurt-like substance, which can then be combined with other ingredients to produce the cream cheese that is synonymous with the brand.

Commonly low in fat, this can actually be altered, and there are numerous options available for those wanting low or full fat cream cheese.

The variety you choose makes them more suited to different types of food – meaning research might be needed.

The 6 Best Fromage Blanc Alternatives

Now that we know a little more about fromage blanc, and what exactly it is used for, let’s take a look at some of the most notable substitutes on the market, and what exactly makes them special.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Quark

First on our list, we have quark – an admittedly strangely named cream cheese, but one that is popular throughout mainland Europe.

Made using soured milk, and left to curdle, quark is another cream cheese that can be used on both sweet and savory dishes, and can be a great substitute for fromage blanc.

Available in soft, mild, and aged forms, quark is a common ingredient on salads, appetizers, cooked savory dishes, and even desserts – where it is often served with fruit and bread.

2. Greek Yogurt

Next on our list, we have Greek yogurt, a popular, versatile yogurt made in – yes, you guessed it – Greece.

While mainly used for sweeter dishes, Greek yogurt can also be used in savory, and is a common ingredient in both Mediterranean cuisine and other world dishes.

Easy to find, affordable, and widely versatile, Greek yogurt is actually the most suitable substitute for fromage blanc, and is generally a much healthier option than traditional cream cheeses.

So for those who are watching their waistlines, or wanting to be more health conscious, then Greek yogurt might be the one to try!

3. Queso Fresco

Commonly used throughout Mexico, and present in many dishes within the country’s cuisine, queso fresco literally translates to ‘fresh cheese’, and is a great substitute for fromage blanc.

While less common in non-Spanish countries, queso fresco is a good ingredient to grab if you see it, and as well as being tasty, it is also incredibly versatile – with its salty, slightly sour taste being pairable with numerous different food styles.

Alternatively, for something a little sweeter, queso fresco can also be combined with a dash of honey or sugar to create a tasty sweet treat.

4. Ricotta

A popular Italian soft cheese, ricotta is widely loved around the world, and characterized by its soft texture, salty, nutty flavor, and its widespread versatility throughout world cuisine.

The great thing about ricotta is just how many dishes it can be used within – some of which include pasta, pizza, salads, soups, and much more.

Similar to common goats cheese, ricotta is a tasty, simple cheese that will soon become a firm favorite in no time.

5. Sour Cream

Popular throughout the world, and used in a number of different dishes, sour cream is another good alternative to fromage blanc, and one that offers the same versatility and taste.

Runnier than regular cream cheese, but equally as iconic in its own right, sour cream is popular in Mexican cuisine, as well as in Mediterranean food, where it is often included in tomato-based dishes to add the indulgent creaminess that people have come to enjoy.

It can also be used in things like tomato soup, vegetable soup, and other rich dishes – providing a much needed sense of balance, wholesomeness, and warmth.

6. Vegan Cream Cheese

For those with lactose intolerance, or those who adhere to a vegan lifestyle, vegan cream cheese is a great alternative, and can be used in many of the same dishes as you would use fromage blanc.

Made from nuts, vegetables, and other vegan friendly ingredients, this is a great way to recreate the taste and texture of cream cheese, without breaking the dietary ethos of veganism.

Just like regular cream cheese and fromage blanc, this can be spread on bread, used within cooking, and even served with fruit and sweet items.

Why Might People Need Substitutes?

Of course, when it comes to the alternatives to fromage blanc, there are a few reasons why these might be necessary.

Lactose Intolerance

One of the most common reasons for people wanting a dairy substitute is if they cannot consume it – such as those who suffer with lactose intolerance, a condition wherein the digestive system cannot properly process lactose, an enzyme found within milk, cheese, and other dairy products.

Consuming lactose can result in sickness, flatulence, digestive distress, and all manner of other unpleasant side effects, necessitating the need for various alternatives to help them avoid this commonplace and hard to avoid ingredient.


Another reason could be due to veganism – a dietary lifestyle that doesn’t allow the practitioners to consume animal products.

As milk and dairy products are direct products from cows, goats, sheep, and other animals, they are considered off limits for vegans.

As such, other alternatives are needed to not only allow them to get their recommended doses of calcium, but also so that they can live a normal life and enjoy the food they eat.

Personal Preference

Of course, another reason why someone might want an alternative to fromage blanc is because they simply don’t like the taste.

This wouldn’t be uncommon, and as such there are numerous dietary substitutes on the market – either ones that taste similar, achieve the same end, or which are devoid of things like milk and dairy.

Making The Right Choice For You

For those looking to make the right choice for themselves and their families diets, it is first important to consider what the specific dietary needs actually are.

For those who have intolerances to lactose and dairy products, then try opting for vegan cream cheese (or indeed lactose free cream cheese).

These can simulate the taste and effect of cheese, without the unsightly symptoms that come with it.

Likewise, for those looking to adhere to veganism, these options can be a great addition to your meal plan.

However, if you are sick and tired of fromage blanc, and you want to try something a little different, then there are numerous options you can go with – each of them bring something a little different to the table.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about fromage blanc, what it is, and the best substitutes on the market today.

When it comes to finding the right foods for our palettes, it can certainly be tricky – especially when there are dietary requirements involved too.

Luckily though, be it for health reasons, or personal preferences, there have never been so many options available – ensuring that everyone can enjoy their food to its full potential.

So if you are looking for viable alternatives to fromage blanc, then be sure to give some of these a try. Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!

The 6 Best Substitutes For Fromage Blanc

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  • Quark

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  • Ricotta

  • Sour Cream

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