Orgeat Syrup: 6 Delicious Orgeat Syrup Substitutes

Unless you are a vegan or a cocktail mixologist, you may have never heard of the weird yet wonderful ingredient that is Orgeat Syrup. This odd sounding syrup is the hidden ingredient in your pina colada that makes it taste delicious!

However, if you happen to run out or can never find any at your local store, you may be wondering what you can use in its place. Ogreat syrup has a distinct flavor of almond making it perfect for finding a sweet substitute.

Below are 6 of the best substitutes for orgeat syrup that will have your recipes tasting sweet and delicious! Let’s get into it!

Orgeat Syrup: 6 Delicious Orgeat Syrup Substitutes

What Is Orgeat Syrup Made Of?

Orgeat is a crucial ingredient in Tiki classics like the Mai Tai, Scorpion, and Fog Cutter. It is a sweet, creamy, and opalescent syrup. It was originally made with barley, but soon it was realized that the flavor came from the almonds rather than the grain.

 A common orgeat recipe calls for almonds, sugar, water, orange flower water, and a fortifying liquor like brandy or overproof rum. Exact quantities depend on the producer.

These unique ingredients give it a light, sweet flavor that is excellent for a range of recipes. With a consistency similar to honey it works perfectly for baking or cocktail-making.

Other nuts such as pistachios and hazelnuts can also be used to create a uniquely flavored orgeat syrup.

6 Best Orgeat Syrup Substitutes 

When it comes to finding an alternative for orgeat syrup, there are a few options to choose from. You want your alternative to have a thicker consistency with a nutty yet floral flavor.

1. Falernum

Falernum syrup, from the Caribbean, has a similar nutty, almond flavor to orgeat syrup. Ginger, lime, cloves, or allspice are additional flavors. Depending on your desire, this syrup comes in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties.

People love it because of its rich, thick, and velvety consistency. Although you won’t be able to achieve the same level of flavor intensity as you would with the original orgeat syrup, your beverage will still taste fantastic.

It has a spicy flavor that complements your cocktails beautifully. Falernum should be added to your drinks in quantities of roughly 1/2 to 1 ounce. Shake the ingredients thoroughly, then top with lime or pineapple as desired.

2. Almond Syrup

You can add almond flavor to almond syrup to improve the flavor and use it in cocktails, coffee, chocolate, and other drinks. While using this syrup, you will experience the nutty almond flavor but without the deep, rich, bitter spice flavor that comes with orgeat syrup.

And the reason for this is that the orgeat syrup isn’t complemented with rose water or orange flowers. Almond syrup is a great alternative to orgeat syrup as it provides a thicker consistency than other ingredients, although the flavor can often be overpowering.

It is important to be tentative with the amount that you use so as not to change the flavor of the dish or beverage completely.

3. Almond Extract

Almond extract is most commonly used in small doses in baking as it has a powerful nutty flavor. It can also be used in drinks or cocktails for added sweetness. Made from bitter almonds, the flavor is extremely distinct.

Unlike orgeat syrup, the consistency is thinner and more similar to oil than syrup. Meaning it may not provide the texture that you require for certain recipes.

It is recommended that you only use half of the recommended amount. Rarely will you be using more than a teaspoon of almond extract.

4. Creme De Noyaux

 The crème de noyaux is a traditional French dessert made with cherry or peach pits. Basically, you’ll mix any of these ingredients with distilled alcohol or infuse them into it before adding sugar as a sweetener.

Depending on the ingredients, this beverage may be crimson or appear crystal clear.

If they don’t include almonds or other nuts, the fruit stones—kernel, pit, and cherry—give the beverage an almost citrus flavor and occasionally classify them as “almond liquors” even if they don’t have any form of nut included.

It is a delectable syrup that pairs wonderfully with tea, champagne, or cappuccinos. Because it is a premium beverage, the name includes the word “creme.”

As amygdalin, which is poisonous, is present in the kernels, you do not need to be concerned about becoming sick after consuming this beverage.

The drink is processed with great care by the distillers. It is a beverage that can have its flavor and taste improved by adding amaretto.

5. Orzata

An alcohol-free syrup from Italy is called orzata. It is, nevertheless, the ideal mixture for your cocktail. You will adore this syrup if you do not want rosewater or orange blossom in your beverage or cuisine.

You can use it to make granita, gelato, and cocktails. Its flavor is quite similar to that of orgeat syrup. You can also incorporate it into Italian soda or beer. It is flavored with benzoin resin extract and produced with barley, seeds, nuts, and roots.

This mixture gives the beverage its bitter almond flavor. It is also popular among bartenders because it works well with water or ice cubes and may be used in place of orgeat syrup.

6. Amaretto

Amaretto is a popular drink that originated in Italy. It pairs perfectly with Coca-cola as a mixer or in various cocktails due to its almond flavor. Due to the fact that it is made from apricot pits, it is more bitter than orgeat syrup.

The name translates to bitter in English. As a result, you should always add it to your beverage in precise amounts to prevent the beverage from tasting too strongly of it. Its flavor is quite similar to orgeat syrup when a little rose water is added to it

Amaretto is frequently sweetened with vanilla and brown sugar, which gives the drink a dark amber hue. Amaretto can be used in frostings, coffee, cakes, and cookies.

You can also serve Amaretto on its own poured over two or 3 ice cubes for a refreshing drink. When using Amaretto as a substitute for orgeat syrup, be careful not to use too much. It can easily overpower other flavors and give a sickly sweet taste.

Bottom Line

Finding a substitute for orgeat syrup is easy if you know what to look for! With orgeat being thick in consistency and sweet yet floral in taste, it can be difficult to know exactly what to look for in possible alternatives.

We have 6 of the best substitutes for orgeat syrup above to make your search simple. Take a look and discover new ingredients that work great for adding a boozy flavor to your recipe or work great for dietary requirements. Never stop discovering new flavors!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Orgeat Syrup The Same As Simple Syrup?

No, orgeat syrup and simple syrup are not the same thing. While simple syrup is formed of equal parts sugar and water, orgeat syrup is a delicious syrup produced with almonds, sugar, and occasionally orange flower water.

Does Orgeat Taste Like Marzipan?

Orgeat’s flavor can be anything from subtly flowery and nutty to something more akin to liquid marzipan, depending on the maker.

Orgeat Syrup: 6 Delicious Orgeat Syrup Substitutes

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Orgeat syrup is a great ingredient for cocktails and baking. We have 6 of the best delicious substitutes for orgeat syrup that you can try today.


  • Falernum

  • Almond Syrup

  • Almond Extract

  • Creme De Noyaux

  • Orzata

  • Amaretto


  • Decide on what substitute you need
  • Pick a substitute from the list above
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