The Best Marmite Substitutes – 6 Epic Alternatives

Marmite is a versatile British condiment that can be used in a variety of different ways. Whilst this savory spread remains popular all over the world, there are large groups of people that simply don’t like the spread’s unique flavor.

The fact the Marmite brand runs with the slogan “You Either Love It Or Hate It” shows us that this is expected. The fact you’ve landed on this post suggests to us that you have a problem with Marmite too. 

Whether it be the distinct flavor or an allergy stopping you from eating Marmite, we’re here to help. We’re even here to help those of you that have simply run out. 

In this guide, you’ll find 6 of the best Marmite substitutes we can use instead. The substitutes we have for you can be used to give your dish a similar savory flavor without overpowering your food.

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The Best Marmite Substitutes - 6 Epic Alternatives

What Is Marmite?

Before we look at our list of the best Marmite substitutes, it’s a good idea for you to know more about what Marmite actually is. Marmite is a British condiment most commonly used as a spread on toast and biscuits. 

In recent years, it has also become a popular ingredient to add to a wide range of different culinary dishes. It is a thick, dark, syrup-like spread that’s packed with umami, yeasty, and salty flavors.

It also has a rather medicinal and savory smell. The unique condiment gets its strong color from the yeast extract used to make it. The brand keeps the ingredients list a secret but does tell us that the paste includes vegetable extracts, spices, yeast extract, and salt. 

The salty, soy sauce and yeasty flavor of Marmite and its engine oil-like texture put millions of people off it. However, that doesn’t stop millions of other people from loving it.

What Is Marmite Used For?

As we mentioned above, Marmite is most commonly used as a spread for toast and biscuits.

However, it does have other uses in the kitchen too. It’s important to understand these uses because all of the substitutes we’ll be looking at can be used in the same way or very similarly.

We’ve listed some of the other uses for Marmite below!

  • A teaspoon of Marmite can be used to add more flavor to stews and soups.
  • Marmite can be used to give an omelet or scrambled eggs a more unique savory flavor.
  • You can use Marmite as a base for your gravies and savory sauces.
  • Give roasted vegetables an umami flavor with a generous serving of Marmite.
  • Mix Marmite with mayonnaise and ketchup to make an impactful sandwich spread.

6 Epic Marmite Substitutes

Now you know more about Marmite and how we can use it, let’s start looking at the best Marmite substitutes. All the substitutes on our list can be used in similar ways or exactly the same way as Marmite.

1. Vegemite

The first substitute we have for you is Vegemite. If you don’t like the flavor of Marmite that much but you want to try something similar, this is arguably the best option you have. 

Vegemite is a popular Australian spread made from yeast extract. It has a thick, sticky texture, and a dark black color. Like Marmite, this condiment is most commonly spread on toast and biscuits.

It can also be added to a wide range of dishes to enhance the overall flavor of a dish.

In terms of flavor, Vegemite has a powerful salty flavor that most people would compare to miso paste and soy sauce. Interestingly, some people also use Vegemite as a substitute for Nutella.

2. Miso Paste

Miso paste is also a popular substitute for Marmite. Miso paste is a Japanese condiment that is extremely popular all over the country. No matter where you go in Japan, you’ll find miso paste being used in cooking.

Similar to Marmite, miso paste has a strong savory flavor that boosts the other flavors in a dish. There are different types of miso paste to choose from but we recommend giving red miso a try.

Red miso is much better than white miso when it comes to subbing it for Marmite. This is mainly because it has a stronger flavor. 

You can use miso paste just like you use Marmite.

3. Bovril

The next Marmite substitute on this list is Bovril. Bovril and Marmite are made by the same company so you can expect similar results. Borvil has a similar consistency to Marmite but a much darker color.

When it comes to flavor, Bovril has a slightly sweeter and less bitter flavor than Marmite. This makes it a solid choice for anyone that doesn’t like how strong Marmite is. However, it’s important to note that Bovril does contain animal-based ingredients.

This makes it unsuitable for vegetarians but a good option for anyone that wants to increase the meaty flavors in a dish. We recommend using Bovril to add depth of flavor to soups and broths.

4. Maggi Seasoning

If you ever visit Asia or take an interest in Asian cuisine, you’ll quickly come to realize that Maggi seasoning is the backbone of most Asian dishes. However, despite being used all over Asia, Maggi seasoning was actually created in Switzerland.

Maggi seasoning is a flavor enhancer designed to boost the flavors in a wide range of dishes. Like Marmite, it gives dishes a rich boost of salty flavors and a subtle hint of sweetness.

The main difference between the two is that Maggi seasoning isn’t quite as thick. Therefore, we wouldn’t recommend subbing it for Marmite on toast. Instead, use it to give stews, soups, and broths a more intense flavor.

5. Nutritional Yeast

The penultimate Marmite substitute we have for you is nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast that’s most commonly used in baking. This ingredient is jam-packed with vitamins and protein, making it a good addition to a vegetarian or vegan diet. 

When it comes to flavor, this substitute has a nutty and cheesy flavor that goes nicely in dishes that call for cheese. This flavor is slightly sweet and strong, a lot like Marmite. This makes it a good alternative when you’ve run out of Marmite.

However, nutritional yeast does come in a different form from Marmite, so we don’t recommend spreading it on toast. Nutritional yeast comes in a powdered form, so it goes better in soups, stews, and other dishes. Its texture is quite similar to cornmeal.

When cooked, nutritional yeast melts and stretches just like mozzarella cheese. You could use it to make a vegan cheese toasty.

6. Soy Sauce

The final Marmite substitute on this list is soy sauce. Soy sauce is arguably the easiest Marmite substitute to use. This is mainly because it is so easy to get hold of. You’ll find soy sauce in virtually any grocery store you visit. 

That’s not the only thing that makes soy sauce a good choice though. Soy sauce also has a very similar flavor to Marmite which makes it a great alternative.

More often than not, a recipe might already call for soy sauce anyway, so all you’d have to do is add more to compensate for the lack of Marmite.

Soy sauce is most commonly used in Asian cuisine but it can be used in other cuisines too. The one downside to using soy sauce as a Marmite substitute is that it’s a lot thinner. This somewhat limits how many dishes you can use it for instead of Marmite.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 6 of the best Marmite substitutes that we can use instead of the popular British condiment. As you can see from our list, there are plenty of excellent alternatives we can use if we don’t like Marmite or when we’ve run out.

On our list, we’ve been sure to include a good variety of different substitutes so that you can find the one that works best for you. We’ve looked at substitutes that have a similar flavor, a similar color, and similar textures.

For those of you that don’t like Marmite, we’ve even looked at substitutes that have a more pleasant flavor. All you need to do now is decide which substitute you want to try first.

The Best Marmite Substitutes – 6 Epic Alternatives

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  • Vegemite

  • Miso Paste

  • Bovril

  • Maggi Seasoning

  • Nutritional Yeast

  • Soy Sauce


  • Decide on what substitute you need
  • Pick a substitute from the list above
  • Read what you need to substitute with
  • Create the recipe and enjoy

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