4 Cream Sherry Substitutes You Should Try Today

So, you’re going through your recipe book and find the perfect dish to make. You start gathering ingredients and all is going well. That is until you hit a roadblock.

You need cream sherry. You look everywhere but you don’t have it! Before you head to the store, though, you should consider whether there are any cream sherry substitutes to use instead. Spoiler – there are!

A popular fortified wine, cream sherry has a unique flavor and aroma that is often used in cooking and baking.

It is a common ingredient used in many recipes, including sauces, marinades, and desserts. But, it may not always be available in your pantry or local store.

4 Cream Sherry Substitutes You Should Try Today

Luckily, there are several substitutes for cream sherry that can be used in recipes to achieve a similar taste and aroma.

In today’s article, we will explore the best substitutes for cream sherry that you can use in your recipes. From dry sherry to non-alcoholic options, we will provide you with a variety of options to choose from.

Whether you are cooking a savory dish or baking a sweet dessert, these cream sherry substitutes will help you achieve the perfect flavor profile.

What Is Cream Sherry?

Cream sherry is a type of fortified wine made by blending different types of sherry wines; most typically a combination of dry and sweet sherries.

The blending process results in a rich, creamy and smooth taste profile that is characteristic of cream sherry.

The Solera system is responsible for the aging of all types of sherry; dry or sweet. It also plays a hand in the making of cream sherry. This method blends wines of different ages to create a consistent flavor profile.

The base wine is aged in oak barrels and then blended with other wines of different ages to create the desired flavor.

The resulting wine has a golden or amber color and a sweet, nutty flavor with notes of caramel and dried fruits. It typically has an alcohol content of around 15-20% and is often served slightly chilled.

Cream sherry, itself, is often used as an after-dinner drink or dessert wine and pairs well with a variety of sweet and savory foods, including chocolate, nuts, and aged cheeses.

It is also commonly used in cooking and can be used as a substitute for other sweet wines in recipes.

Today, though, we will be focusing on what can act as an alternative to cream sherry.

Whether you want to try something different or don’t have cream sherry in the house, the following substitutes should do the trick nicely.

Cream Sherry Substitutes You Can Use

Cream sherry is a vital ingredient used in many dishes. Therefore, this fortified wine is heavily relied upon in the kitchen worldwide. That being said, it can be hard to come by outside specialty stores.

If you’re struggling to find cream sherry in-store, try some of these substitutes instead. You may find out you prefer these to the real thing!

1. White Or Red Wine

4 Cream Sherry Substitutes You Should Try Today

When there is no cream sherry available, you can go down the budget-friendly route and use red or white wine.

Both of these wines can add flavor to many types of dishes without having to spend too much. Nevertheless, you should ensure you’re using dry wine as opposed to sweet wines as the latter can over sweeten many dishes.

As for flavor, white wine tends to have the more neutral flavor of the two, whilst red wines provide a fruitier note to dishes.

Bear in mind that when using wine as an alternative to cream sherry in a recipe, you may have to adjust the recipe slightly.

Because wine is more potent than cream sherry, you may need to use less than what the recipe calls for in terms of cream sherry.

As well as this, your dish may need to cook for longer for the flavor to mix sufficiently.

Otherwise, both red and white wines can act as great substitutes for cream sherry and can make dishes come alive with additional flavor.

2. Dry Sherry

4 Cream Sherry Substitutes You Should Try Today

Originating in Spain, dry sherry is a type of fortified wine. It is created when brandy is added to a white wine base. This then increases the alcohol content, giving it a unique flavor.

In most cases, dry sherry is aged for a number of years within oak barrels. This process also contributes to its already distinctive flavor. And, while it can be enjoyed on its own, dry sherry is also served as a digestif or an aperitif.

Dry sherry is frequently used in cooking as well, thanks to its unique flavor profile. It goes particularly well in a variety of stews, sauces, and marinades.

It is a versatile, delicious substitute for cream sherry but it will not be as sweet. Therefore, if you’re looking for something as sweet, we’d recommend our next entry.

3. Marsala (Dolce)

4 Cream Sherry Substitutes You Should Try Today

Sweet Marsala (dolce) is a perfect creamy sherry alternative if you’re looking for something that is sweet and rich.

This fortified wine, hailing from Sicily, is commonly used in many cooking recipes. It is made from white grapes that have been dried before being fermented.

Once fermented, Marsala is aged in oak barrels for several years. When ready, it tends to have a full-bodied, complex flavor profile. It also sports notes of chocolate, spice, and dried fruits with a deep amber tone to it.

It pairs excellently with a range of hearty dishes, including creamy pasta sauces, and braised meats like beef short ribs, or pork shoulders.

If you want your creamy sherry substitute to add a depth of flavor to your recipe, a bottle of Marsala is a good shout.

4. Port

4 Cream Sherry Substitutes You Should Try Today

Port is a sweet fortified wine from Portugal that boasts a rich, fruity flavor. It’s a good substitute for cream sherry, particularly in desserts, and can also be used in savory dishes like sauces and marinades.

Because it is a sweet fortified wine with a similar flavor profile, port can act as a wonderful cream sherry alternative.

Both port and cream sherry are made by fortifying wine with a distilled spirit, which gives them a higher alcohol content and a longer shelf life. Therefore, you should be able to use it for a long time without wasting any.

Port is typically sweeter than dry sherry and has a richer, fruitier flavor profile with notes of caramel and dried fruits.

These characteristics make it a good substitute for cream sherry in recipes where a sweet wine is needed, such as desserts or sauces.

In Summary

Cream sherry is not always readily available and can be hard to find in many stores. The good news is that there are some excellent alternatives available, as seen above.

Just bear in mind that some suit savory dishes more than sweet ones, and vice versa. So, make sure you’re using the right kind of substitute first before you get down to completing your recipe.

Let us know which alternative works best for you!

4 Cream Sherry Substitutes You Should Try Today

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  • White or Red Wine

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  • Decide on what substitute you need
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