6 Of The Best Queso Blanco Substitutes You Should Use Today

Queso blanco is such a unique type of cheese that translates directly to ‘White Cheese’ in Spanish!

This amazing cheese is renowned for its incredibly mild and creamy taste which makes it perfect for adding to all kinds of amazing dishes, or even for making amazing dips for tortillas chips.

6 Of The Best Queso Blanco Substitutes You Should Use Today!

This light and fluffy cheese can really help to add a whole new dimension of flavor to some of your favorite recipes, and as such, this can make it incredibly frustrating when you start creating a recipe, only to find that you’ve totally run out of queso blanco!

Or perhaps you want to enjoy flavors similar to queso blanco, but dietary needs prevent you from eating it!

What can you possibly do in such a situation? Are there any other foods or ingredients that you can use as replacements for queso blanco? Luckily for you, there are! Why don’t we take some time to have a look at these?

Join us down below, because today we are going to show you 6 of the very best substitutes for queso blanco that you can enjoy today!

1. Halloumi Cheese

Halloumi is a very popular cheese that is prized for having an incredibly mild flavor that is very creamy but also has a great savory kick, which helps to make it perfect for adding to various savory recipes.

If you enjoy queso blanco for its ordinary texture before it is used to create sauces, or otherwise melted down, then halloumi is for you.

Halloumi, a type of cheese that originates from Cyprus, has a very springy texture, and even when subjected to incredibly high heat, it can still retain its solid shape.

This means you can easily fry or grill your halloumi and still enjoy it as a solid treat.

If you want to add some creamy flavor to a dish while also enjoying cheese in a solid pre-melted form, then halloumi is the cheese for you.

However, if you are planning to make a sauce using melted cheese, then halloumi may not be right for you, because it does not melt at the ordinary temperature of other cheeses!

2. Farmer’s Cheese

Farmer’s cheese is easily one of the best cheeses on this list because it has such a mild taste and a great sense of creaminess to it that lends itself perfectly to creating sauces just like you would with queso blanco.

Keep in mind that farmer’s cheese is actually a little softer in texture when compared to queso blanco, and thus you will want to account for this whenever you substitute the two in recipes. Farmer’s cheese is best for creating sauces and dips.

Farmer’s cheese is also great if you want to create slightly sweeter dishes that you might have ordinarily made with queso blanco.

Queso blanco is much creamier than other cheeses in terms of texture, and less impactful in terms of flavor, so it can work wonderfully with raspberries as part of a breakfast treat!

3. Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta cheese is a slightly more crumbly cheese in terms of texture, which can make it a great cheese for adding to salads in place of queso blanco.

It is also one of the softest crumbly cheeses around, which can help to make it totally delightful to add to recipes if you want to create a little bit of creaminess.

The flavor profile of ricotta cheese is rather mild, but it has a little more strength and punch than some other cheeses on this list, so it can be perfect if you are not only looking to add texture to a dish but also some extra flavor to heighten the experience.

Ricotta cheese has a much more savory taste in comparison to some other cheeses on this list, so it is better for creating savory dishes, or dips, and less so for creating sweeter treats!

4. Monterey Jack Cheese

If you don’t want a total 1:1 textural match to queso blanco, then Monterey Jack cheese may be a great option for you.

This particular cheese, which originates from the Monterey area of California, has a very solid texture, and it is often sold in a full-block form, or sold in grated form.

This particular cheese is great if you want a solid cheese with plenty of flavors to add some extra texture to your favorite recipes.

The flavor of the cheese is much more on the savory side, and it has a great bitter taste that is slightly tangy, which can help it to lighten up certain recipes with just a little sprinkling!

If you do want to create some creamy dishes and dips, then this cheese is still great because it melts very well, and can be used to thicken up cheesy sauces and dips in no time!

5. Feta Cheese

Queso blanco is renowned for its crumbly texture, and this can often be a part of the eating experience of the cheese that many people crave.

If you love the crumbly texture of queso blanco, then you will definitely want to try using feta cheese.

Feta cheese is incredibly crumbly, which makes it great for scattering over salads or quickly adding to the mix when cooking up some dips or sauces.

However, you will definitely want to keep in mind that feta cheese is renowned for having a very salty flavor that can prove overwhelming if consumed too much.

It is also much more bitter than many other kinds of cheese, especially queso blanco, so you will definitely want to consider your ratios carefully.

Don’t simply add the same amount of feta cheese to a recipe as you would queso blanco!

6. Indian Paneer

Indian paneer is another highly unique type of cheese that, obviously, originated from India. It has a texture that can easily be compared to halloumi, but it is just a little bit softer.

This makes it incredibly easy to substitute for queso blanco when you are creating a dish that calls for a solid cheese with a creamy flavor. Speaking of creamy flavor…

The flavor of Indian paneer is incredibly unique. The cheese has the creaminess of queso blanco, making it perfect for creating similar flavors, but it also has a great hidden sweetness that makes it a pleasure to cook up or add to countless recipes.

The cheese earns its amazing flavor from the fact that it is often made using curdled buffalo milk, which helps to give it a unique flavor you can’t experience from other cheeses

Indian paneer can easily be fried and grilled just like halloumi, which makes it great if you are planning on cooking up a delicious barbecue feast.

To Wrap Up

If you find yourself running out of queso blanco in your kitchen, don’t panic, because these six amazing substitutes can easily stand in place of the cheese to create similar textures or tastes.

Just be sure to carefully check your ratios when it comes to some of the stronger cheeses on this list. You don’t want to overpower your favorite recipes!

6 Of The Best Queso Blanco Substitutes You Should Use Today

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  • Halloumi Cheese

  • Farmer’s Cheese

  • Ricotta Cheese

  • Monterey Jack Cheese

  • Feta Cheese

  • Indian Paneer


  • Decide on what substitute you need
  • Pick a substitute from the list above
  • Read what you need to substitute with
  • Create the recipe and enjoy
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