The 9 Best Licor 43 Substitutes

Licor 43 is a fantastic liqueur that you can use in cocktails and a variety of tasty recipes. If you don’t have this spirit to hand, then you can use a number of Licor 43 substitutes.

The 9 Best Licor 43 Substitutes (2)

From sweet Tuaca to punchy vanilla vodka, there are a lot of other alcoholic beverages you could use to replace Licor 43.

Here is our list of the 9 best Licor 43 substitutes that you can try anytime.

1. Tuaca

Tuaca is often mistaken for Licor 43 but they are different spirits. This being said, Tuaca has a similar, sweet vanilla flavor to Licor 43.

The creamy and smooth texture makes Tuaca ideal as an after-dinner drink. You can enjoy it in a cocktail or on its own.

Tuaca is considered to be the best Licor 43 substitute because of its strong vanilla aroma and sweetness.

In fact, Tuaca is much sweeter than Licor 43, so you may need to use a little less than you would use Licor 43 in a cocktail or other alcoholic drink.

2. Vanilla Vodka

If you need a Licor 43 alternative for a recipe, then you can easily use vanilla vodka. This vanilla-flavored drink gives your dish the same aroma as original Licor 43.

You can add it to a variety of different recipes, including cake, desserts or ice cream. It’s also the perfect addition to a tasty cocktail.

Saying this, vanilla vodka is also an excellent drink on its own.

3. Galliano

Galliano is a delicious Italian liqueur that is packed with flavor and sweetness. Its syrupy and thick texture looks almost like honey syrup.

This golden-colored liqueur is traditionally made with fermented wheat with flavors of anise, vanilla and other botanical ingredients.

Galliano tastes intensely sweet but it also had a spicy note which makes it the perfect Licor 43 replacement.

Similar to other spirits, you can drink Galliano on its own or in a fruity cocktail. Just make sure that you use a little less Galliano because it is extremely sweet.

4. Gran Gala Triple Orange Liqueur

This tasty and tangy orange liqueur is not just a great addition to any cocktail but you can also use it as Licor 43 replacement.

It has a smooth texture with plenty of zesty, orange flavors that give your cocktail a fruity twist.

While you can enjoy Gran Gala liqueur on its own, it tastes fantastic in a drink mix, like a Cosmopolitan or a classic Margarita.

5. Honey Syrup

Honey syrup may not be the first thing you think of when you need a Licor 43 alternative but this natural sweetener is a surprisingly great option.

The honey is packed with natural sugars and the full flavor can elevate any recipe. 

Although you can use honey syrup for baking, the aroma comes out best in cold beverages, such as lemonade or iced tea.

You can buy this syrup from large grocery stores or simply make your own at home. It’s a great sweetener that you can also use as a sugar substitute.

Plus, honey syrup last for up to a year in the fridge, so you don’t have to worry too much about its shelf life.

6. Alize Liqueur Gold Passion

Alize Liqueur Gold Passion has the same golden appearance as Licor 43. 

This subtle mix of passionfruit and vodka may not have the same spiciness as Licor 43 but it has a similar syrup texture which can give your cocktails a surprising twist.

While Alize liqueurs are a little more expensive than Licor 43, you can use them in various cocktails.

7. Vincenzi Amaro Monte

The 9 Best Licor 43 Substitutes

As a dark liqueur with plenty of sweet and herbal notes, Vincenzi Amaro Monte makes an ideal Licor 43 replacement.

It has the same syrupy texture with a powerful, spicy flavor. Vincenzi Amaro Monte also has a bitter aroma that can work well in a variety of drinks.

This Italian liqueur is a traditional digestif sipped after dinner but you can use it in any cocktail recipe.

Vincenzi Amaro Monte is slightly sweeter and denser than Licor 43, so you won’t need to use as much of it in your drinks.

8. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey

While whiskey is a very different league to Licor 43, there are some types of whiskey that resemble the same flavors as Licor 43.

A classic fireball cinnamon whiskey can offer similar cinnamon flavors to your favorite liqueur and you get a much stronger aroma.

Just keep in mind that whiskey has a stronger flavor, so you won’t need much in your mixed drink to recreate the spicy taste of Licor 43.

In fact, cinnamon whiskey can have a strong kick which may not suit all cocktail recipes. This being said, it’s a wonderful drink to enjoy neat.

9. Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier is one of the oldest liqueurs on our list. This French orange liqueur has been enjoyed by people around the world since 1880.

As a blend of distilled bitter orange essences and cognac, Grand Marnier has a strong citrus taste with a subtle sweetness.

The syrupy, smooth texture and beautiful warmth make Grand Marnier liqueur an ideal substitute for Licor 43.

You can add it to your Cuba Libre, Margarita or any other cocktail recipe. It’s even suitable for savory dishes and baking.

Grand Marnier is just sweeter but not as potent as Licor 43, so make sure to adjust the amount you add to your dish or drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Licor 43?

Licor 43 is a complex liqueur with 43 ingredients that create a harmonic flavor profile. From citrus to botanic aromas, Licor 43 is a very versatile spirit.

What Are The 43 Ingredients In Licor 43?

Just as its name suggests, Licor 43 has 43 different ingredients. However, the original Licor 43 recipe is a secret, so nobody knows what these ingredients exactly are.

However, liqueur experts know that Licor 43 has a hint of vanilla, fruit juice, citrus, various spices and herbs.

What Flavor Is Licor 43?

Licor 43 is a complex beverage that contains 43 individual ingredients. From fruits to aromatic spices, the key flavors of Licor 43 are vanilla and warm citrus.

Are Tuaca And Licor 43 The Same?

No, Licor 43 and Tuaca are not the same. While both liqueurs use an Italian brandy as a base, Licor 43 contains a lot more flavors than Tuaca.

Tuaca tastes more like vanilla, while Licor 43 has a more complex aroma profile with notes of citrus, spices, botanicals and vanilla.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need the original to mix a fantastic drink. Just use our best Licor 43 substitutes that give your cocktails a surprising twist.

The 9 Best Licor 43 Substitutes

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Licor 43 is a fantastic liqueur for cocktails, baking and cooking. Here is our list of the 9 best Licor 43 substitutes that you can try anytime.


  • Tuaca

  • Vanilla Vodka

  • Galliano

  • Gran Gala Triple Orange Liqueur

  • Honey Syrup

  • Alize Liqueur Gold Passion

  • Vincenzi Amaro Monte

  • Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey

  • Grand Marnier


  • Decide on what substitute you need
  • Pick a substitute from the list above
  • Read what you need to substitute with
  • Create the recipe and enjoy
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