Horse Milk: What Does It Taste Like And Does It Taste Good?

Horse milk is nothing new to us, and it has been a popular drink in some cultures for hundreds and even thousands of years. 

While some people might think it is strange, it really isn’t. So, before you click off this page, why not at least learn a little more about it and give it a chance?

Horse Milk: What Does It Taste Like And Does It Taste Good?

Truth is, there are a lot of good things about horse milk. It has a number of health benefits, and can be used for a variety of things, much like cow’s or goat’s milk.

This is not something to shy away from, and the information we have for you might actually surprise you, so read on!

Horse Milk: What You Need To Know

It Is Exactly What It Says On The Tin!

We do not really need to explain what horse milk is. You get cow milk, goat’s milk, and a multitude of other kinds of milk… horse milk is simply horse milk – milk from a mare. 

Depending on where you live in the world, you might already be familiar with horse milk, or maybe the idea has never even crossed your mind.

Either one is absolutely fine! Every country and culture is different, and the beauty of living is to learn about other cultures, including what they eat and drink on a daily basis. 

How Is Horse Milk Used In Cooking?

Horse milk can be used for a variety of things, much like any other milk you might be familiar with. From yogurts and cheeses, to being used in things like lattes, there are endless opportunities. 

You can use horse milk just as you would any other. It can be used for cooking, or just drinking, like you would enjoy a glass of cow’s or oat milk in the morning.

There are no special uses or needs for this milk, so if you do decide to use it, don’t be afraid to try different things!

What Does Horse Milk Actually Taste Like?

Chances are, you are already familiar with what regular cow’s milk tastes like. Flavors can vary depending on what has been done to it, and whether it is full fat, skimmed, and so on. 

Forget what you know!

Horse milk is completely different. Generally, you can expect horse milk to have a sweeter and slightly nutty flavor compared to cow’s milk.

Not only that, but it also has a lighter consistency, and may look  a little different, too. 

This kind of milk can be a bit more translucent compared to cow’s milk, and might even have a slightly blue hue to it. 

The difference in flavor really sets it apart from milk from other animals. However, it is still a lesser-known option for many people. 

Where Can You Buy Horse Milk?

If horse milk is something that interests you, why not go out and try it? Again, depending on where you live, this could be easier said than done.

If you already live in a country where horse milk is the norm, you can probably just head to your local grocery store and pick up a bottle!

However, for most people, it probably won’t be that easy. You might need to rely on online retailers to get hold of horse milk, especially if there aren’t any ranches or farms nearby that will sell the product. 

If you do choose to look online, make sure that you are only dealing with reputable companies and people! Amazon is a good place to start, as there is usually a wide variety of options there.

Alternatively, you might find an online store that is more local to you and buy from there. 

Is Horse Milk More Beneficial Than Other Milk Options?

Is Horse Milk More Beneficial Than Other Milk Options?

It is possible that mare’s milk is more beneficial than other kinds of milk – especially cow’s milk! This is because this kind of milk has more protein and less fat compared to their bovine counterparts.

You can find high levels of both proteins and carbs in this milk, as well as exogenous amino acids and vitamin C. 

Mare’s milk is known to have a well-balanced ratio of phosphorus to calcium compared to other kinds of milk. This means that it can be absorbed by the body much better than other milk types. 

Not only that, but horse milk has historically been thought to aid in healing conditions such as tuberculosis, diabetes, and a range of other health issues.

While more evidence is needed to support such claims, it is interesting to note either way. 

It should also be mentioned that horse milk could be a great alternative for people who are allergic to dairy products from cows for whatever reason.

The fact that this milk can be used in cooking, just like cow’s milk, makes it versatile and a good option. 

Where Are People Known For Drinking Horse Milk?

Many parts of Asia, such as Russia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan, are known for drinking and using horse milk. They have used horse milk in these cultures for thousands of years, and still seems to be going strong!

There are lots of unique drinks that can be made with mare’s milk. Depending on the country, this milk could be used to make kumis and airag (fermented mare’s milk), or it can just be used to add to drinks like lattes! 

Is Horse Milk Becoming More Popular?

Over the last few years, horse milk has steadily been growing more popular outside countries in Asia.

Now, many people in places like the United States and various parts of Europe have started to learn about the benefits of horse milk.

This may be a good thing, as this milk has less fat in it and more protein compared to the popular cow’s milk. However, we are yet to see this option find its way into major supermarkets and grocery stores. 

In the coming years, that could change! 

What To Make Your Own Kumis?

There are various recipes on the internet that you can check out if you would like to try and make your own kumis (fermented mare’s milk).

This recipe is a great option to start with, though! All you need is dried yeast, and of course, horse milk. 

Other recipes may call for more ingredients, like this one. Here, you will need additional ingredients such as sugar and lime juice. 

Final Thoughts

Horse milk is, as the name suggests, milk that comes from a female horse, or mare. This milk tastes completely different to that of a cow or goat.

It has a distinct sweet and nutty flavor, and its texture may be slightly more translucent compared to cow’s milk. 

However, mare’s milk contains less fat and more protein compared to other milk options. This has the potential to make it an incredibly popular drink option for people who want to lower their fat intake.

While some countries such as Russia, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan have been using mare’s milk in their diet for centuries, it seems the rest of the world is only now beginning to learn about it.

Horse Milk: What Does It Taste Like And Does It Taste Good?

Recipe by AubreyCourse: Taste Like


Prep time


Cooking time






  • Mare’s milk

  • Dried yeast


  • The procedure starts with milking the horses.
  • Next, the milk is to be filtered using a clean cloth. After properly filtered, shift the milk to a large open leather sack named Khukhuur.(Now, one can drink the raw milk too, but it is important to note that mare’s milk tends to have more lactose if compared to normal cow’s milk. Hence, fermentation of the milk is necessary. It will help convert the lactose into lactose acid, ethanol and carbon dioxide.)
  • The fermentation of the milk is facilitated by churning it within
    a cowhide sack known as an Arhad.
  • Keep in mind to add dried yeast to the mare’s milk as you pour
    it into the bag.
  • Make sure to churn up the milk up to 4000 times before you go
    ahead with drinking it. This will help to enhance the taste of the Airag. The more the milk is being churned, the more flavorful it gets.
  • Repeatedly stir the liquid for more than one to two days.
    Stirring makes sure that the milk is fermented rightly, giving it the
    refreshing taste that it has.
  • Once done, pour the fermented milk into bowls and serve!

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