What Is The Flavor Of Arctic Char? Is It Good?

If you’ve ever seen Arctic Char in the wild, you’ll know that it is a beautiful fish that comes in a variety of colors.

Not only that, but Arctic Char is impressive for its ability to survive in saltwater despite being a freshwater fish. 

What Is The Flavor Of Arctic Char? Is It Good?

However, for all the fish lovers out there, it’s also worth knowing what Arctic Char tastes like and what it can offer in terms of nutrition.

This is especially important information if you go fishing regularly, since you’ll need to decide whether to put effort into catching Arctic Char or not. 

In this article, we’re going to explain what Arctic Char tastes like, how it tastes compared to other fish you’ve probably fried, and how you can cook Arctic Char to bring out the best in its mild flavor. 

Arctic Char: What Is It? 

No idea what Arctic Char is? No worries! Arctic Char is a type of fish that is biologically related to both salmon and trout.

As such, it shares physical characteristics with both of these fish. It’s large and can change color depending on the type of water it’s living in. 

Despite looking similar to salmon and trout in some ways, Arctic Char can easily be identified by looking at the patterns on its scales.

You should see pink or white spots on the sides of the fish, as well as a colorful stripe on its underbelly.

Arctic Char can eat salmon eggs, snails, and fish that are smaller than itself. However, its diet mainly consists of insects that drop onto the water’s surface during the spring and summer.

As the weather gets colder, its diet changes to primarily freshwater shrimp and zooplankton. 

Not only is Arctic Char very nutritious and easy to cook into delicious meals, but you don’t have to worry about the environmental impacts of unsustainable farming when it comes to this fish.

That’s because, compared to a lot of other fish species, Arctic Char can easily be farmed sustainably.

Arctic Char Flavor Profile 

Arctic Char doesn’t have a strong or distinctive flavor like some other fish, such as Mackerel, for example.

However, just because Arctic Char tastes mild doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious, especially when cooked properly! 

The flavor of Arctic Char is best described as a cross between the flavors of salmon and trout, but overall, the predominant flavor is that of trout.

Based on this, Arctic Char can be said to have a fairly mild, but rich taste due to its fat content. 

Although some people might see the lack of distinct flavor as a reason not to buy or catch Arctic Char, we think that the opposite is true.

Because the flavor is mild, it’s easy to pair it with more ingredients, and you can cook it in a variety of ways.

In terms of texture, we would describe Arctic Char as flaky, but the flaking is quite fine and not chunky like some other species.

Arctic Char Nutritional Profile 

We’ve established that Arctic Char can be delicious when cooked with the right ingredients, thanks to its mild but fatty flavor. 

We’re going to go into more depth about the best ways to prepare Arctic Char in the next section, but first, let’s talk about whether Arctic Char is nutritionally good for you.

The good news is that Arctic Char, in addition to being tasty and versatile, is beneficial for human health.

Since it’s considered a fatty fish, it’s full of essential fatty acids (omega-3, in particular), which means it can help to combat coronary heart disease.

You also get a lot of B vitamins, selenium and potassium in a serving of Arctic Char.

Selenium is a known antioxidant, and the other nutrients in Arctic Char can help to balance your blood pressure and reduce your levels of bad cholesterol. 

If you’re trying to lose weight, this fish is a good choice since 100 grams only contains 180 calories. 

What Can You Make With Arctic Char?

What Can You Make With Arctic Char?

One of our favorite things about cooking with Arctic Char is that you have so many options.

You can grill the fish, which is a popular method of cooking many types of fish, but that’s definitely not the only way of preparing this fish for consumption.

Just some of the many different ways you can cook Arctic Char include: 

  • Steaming 
  • Frying
  • Baking
  • Broiling 
  • Poaching 
  • Smoking 
  • Grilling 
  • Boiling 
  • Sautéing

You could even make the fish into a pate if you prefer your fish to be cold and spreadable. 

When it comes to sides that you can enjoy with your Arctic Char, you also have plenty of options. 

One of our favorite sides to have with Arctic Char is simply mixed vegetables, but mashed potatoes with some added garlic also complements the mild flavor of the fish very well. 

If you don’t want a whole selection of vegetables alongside your fish, then our top choice of vegetable to serve with Arctic Char is carrots glazed with honey. 

Some simple dip-style sides you could serve with Arctic Char include tomato salsa and coleslaw. 

The important thing when choosing a side to go with Arctic Char is not to choose overly bland sides, but also to avoid any very strong flavors that would overpower the fish. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How To Tell When Arctic Char Is Bad?

Arctic Char has a mild flavor, so it should also have a mild smell. It is normal for Arctic Char to smell like seawater, but if it has an unpleasant or pungent scent, you should not eat it. 

Do You Have To Clean Arctic Char Before Cooking?

Yes, you should always clean Arctic Char before cooking it. Hopefully, if you buy Arctic Char from a reliable vendor, it should already have been cleaned and frozen to kill off any parasites or bacteria.

However, it’s always a good idea to clean the fish before cooking it to be on the safe side.

Is Arctic Char Expensive?

No, Arctic Char is actually a relative cheap fish that you can enjoy as a less-expensive alternative to salmon. If you’re on a budget, Arctic Char is actually a great choice.


Arctic Char has everything you need from a fish that you’re planning to eat: mild flavor that works well in various dishes, soft and flaky texture, and low price point. 

Arctic Char tastes similar to both salmon and trout, and it can be cooked in a wide variety of different ways depending on your preference. 

The flavor of Arctic Char pairs particularly well with honey-glazed carrots and buttery mashed potatoes with some garlic, so we recommend trying these combinations first!

What Is The Flavor Of Arctic Char? Is It Good?

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