4 Of The Best Substitutes For Hanger Steak

One of the most delicious beef cuts out there, hanger steak used to be more commonly referred to as the “Butcher’s Cut”, simply because instead of it being sold like all of the other cuts, it would be given to the butcher instead.

Despite being a relatively inexpensive cut years ago, its rise in popularity has meant that more and more people are on the hunt for hanger steaks, especially in recent years, and you’ll also notice that it’s become a much more common sight at restaurants too. 

If you’ve ever wanted to try hanger steak, then it’s worth knowing that trying to track down this cut for yourself can be somewhat difficult, which is why we’ve put together this guide of substitutions in case you can’t find this cut locally. 

So, to discover a list of some of the best substitutions out there for hanger steak, keep reading on, and we’ll provide you with all of the information you need to know. 

4 Of The Best Substitutes For Hanger Steak

What Is Hanger Steak? 

Hanger steak is one of the more unique cuts of the cow, with this specific cut of meat actually coming from the diaphragm of the cow.

And unlike many of the other cuts of beef available to people from supermarkets, or even from butchers, hanger steak is known to be extremely tender, and rich in flavor too. 

One of the toughest things about hanger steak is that when it’s cooked properly, it will taste as good as any cut of steak you can imagine, often having that “melt in your mouth” texture.

However, if it is cooked improperly, hanger steak can end up being super chewy, and almost rubbery, so it’s important to take care if you plan on cooking it. 

Since it’s a leaner cut of beef, there’s less fat, which means it dries out much quicker than some of the other, more popular, cuts of beef available. So if you want to cook it well, cooking it over high heat for short periods of time is the best way to do so. 

Alternatively, using a slow cooker is another way to ensure that the juices are kept within the meat, and that the cut doesn’t dry out at all. Or, you could use a beef broth or braise the beef in red wine to help keep it moist. 

Medium rare or rare is the way that this steak is usually served, although some people prefer to slice it thinly and use it in sandwiches or salads instead. In addition to this, it also works well in fajitas, stir-frys, or sometimes as a topper for your burger!

Whatever you plan on using hanger steak for, it can be especially disappointing if you don’t manage to find any, but thankfully, these substitutions should be able to fill the gap! 

Best Hanger Steak Substitutions

Inexpensive and delicious, hanger steak is loved by many, but if you can’t happen to find it locally, then you’re going to need to find a substitute that fits the bill perfectly.

This might sound like it’s difficult to do, but with the help of this guide, you’ll be able to replace it easily! 

1. Shoulder Steak

The first substitution on this list is a shoulder steak, which also comes from toward the front of the cow. As you might have guessed from the name, this cut of beef is taken from the shoulder area of the cow, and is a tough yet flavorful cut that is enjoyed by many. 

Much like hanger steak, shoulder steak benefits from being slow-cooked, braised, or even stewed, which helps to ensure that the meat is both tender, and packed with incredible flavor. 

You can also grill or pan fry shoulder steak, but the result doesn’t tend to be as tender as it would using one of the slower methods above. You’ll typically see shoulder steak used in stews or pot roasts, although some people enjoy using it in sandwiches too. 

Look out for cuts that have plenty of fatty marbling when buying your shoulder steak, as it will help to ensure that your steak remains moist while it’s being cooked, no matter what method you use. 

Similarly to hanger steak, shoulder steak is a relatively inexpensive cut of beef, so it’s definitely a suitable substitute to hanger steak for those budget minded cooks out there!

2. Skirt Steak

Another cut of beef that comes from the diaphragm, skirt steak is a much flatter and longer cut of beef in comparison to hanger steak.

Much like hanger steak, it’s a much tougher cut compared with other cuts of beef, which is exactly why it makes for a popular addition to hot pots and stews, and benefits from slow-cooking methods in general. 

Although it’s difficult to cook, skirt steak can be flavorful and tender when cooked properly, so if you believe you have what it takes to tackle this cut, then you’ll be duly rewarded as a result. 

If you’re planning on purchasing one of these cuts, then you’ll want to look for these cuts that are as pink in color as possible, with plenty of marbling too, which will ensure that it won’t dry out too much. 

This cut of steak is especially lean, which makes it a popular choice for those who are looking to avoid consuming too much fat. 

A hot grill or a hot pan is another great way to cook this steak, especially when seasoned with salt and pepper. 

3. Flank Steak

Although it’s a commonly overlooked cut in comparison to some of the more common steak cuts out there, this cut from the abdominal muscles of the cow is an extremely lean cut of meat, and benefits greatly from being marinated prior to being cooked. 

Cooked over high heat and as quickly as possible, if you’re looking for a budget friendly option of steak cut that differs from some of the other types of steak cut out there, then Flank Steak is most certainly a great choice. 

So, if you can’t manage to find any hanger steak around, then you should definitely consider opting for flank steak instead! 

4. Tofu

The meat lovers might be cringing immediately, but for those who don’t eat meat out there, then tofu makes for an excellent steak replacement, especially when it’s marinated and cooked properly. 

There are some tofu-based steak replicants out there too, so if you’re looking to get as close as possible, then you can easily buy one from your local supermarket. 

Alternatively, you can try marinating your tofu slices in soy sauce and chili flakes, before cooking them in butter and garlic, in order to help replicate some of the flavor you would usually expect to get from a meaty steak! 

Final Thoughts

We hope that this list of some of the best substitutes for hanger steak out there is able to help you find the right alternative for you, it can be somewhat difficult to find, so you’ll need to be ready to substitute it, just in case!

4 Of The Best Substitutes For Hanger Steak

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