8 Best Sides To Serve With Strawberries

When it comes to berry fruits, there probably isn’t a more popular one out there than the classic strawberry.

They can be eaten in a ton of different ways, from on their own, freshly washed and from the vine, or as part of a larger recipe. Add to that the fact that they can grow in a massive number of locations, and it is no wonder that they’re so popular.

8 Best Sides To Serve With Strawberries

However, if you’re looking to find a little something extra to serve with your fresh strawberries next time you’re eating them, then you may want to check out this guide!

Here, we show you several different foods and ingredients that are perfect to serve alongside strawberries. Not necessarily as part of a wider recipe, but just in their normal forms.

Strawberry Flavor Profile

Before we get any further into this topic, it may be helpful to take a quick look at the flavor profile of strawberries, so that not only we establish the kinds of flavors that we’ll be pairing with this fruit, but also so that you can keep searching for yourself.

Now, on the surface, this might feel like a somewhat silly question to ask. Strawberries are sweet, right?

Well, while this is certainly the case for many varieties, anyone who has tasted different batches of strawberries will tell you that there is a little more going on than just a sugary sweetness.

Certainly, many types of strawberries are sweet, thanks in part to the ripening process removing many acidic flavors that you’ll find in younger and unripe strawberries.

 However, strawberries, have several different flavor notes to them. From a classic and very noticeable sugary sweetness to hints of a caramel-type flavor, to even a touch of spice, which is something that it inherits from 

However, perhaps the best word that you would use to describe the flavor of a strawberry is ‘bold’.

Flavors/Flavor Types To Look For

So, if we’re looking for a side to pair with a strawberry?

Well, we’ll either be looking for an ingredient that can better enhance the bolder sweetness of a strawberry or something that is a little more subtle and balances out the less notable, but still important elements of a strawberry’s flavor.

So, with that explained, let’s check out some of these sides!


8 Best Sides To Serve With Strawberries (1)

This one is a classic, plain and simple. Perhaps the most common side or ingredient to serve with a fresh batch of strawberries is a bowl of granulated or caster sugar.

Anyone who has tried this flavor combination will tell you just how sweet this delectable treat is. The already sweet strawberry flavor is only enhanced by the sugar.

Some varieties of strawberries are incredibly ripened, this might make them too sweet for some people!

If you have freshly washed your strawberries, you’ll often find that the sugar sticks much better to them, making for an even sweeter sensation!

Fresh Whipped Cream

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If we’re discussing side dishes that take a little more effort than simply pouring sugar into a bowl, then whipped cream has to be one of the most popular ingredients to serve alongside fresh strawberries.

While it is not exactly clear where exactly this flavor combination came from, there are documents of serving suggestions for meals amongst lords and ladies that included both of these ingredients as far back as the 16th century, so it has plenty of history behind it.

However, this combination of freshly whipped cream and strawberries is closely associated with the Wimbledon tennis competition, where it has a strong association with affluent observers.

We can see why. The subtle flavor of the cream does take the edge off of ripened strawberries, making that strong sweet flavor a little less bold, though with still plenty of sweetness to go around. It is strawberries and cream, after all!

Plus, the texture of whipped cream with strawberries is amazing, the fluffy softness of the cream pairs nicely with the soft, yet still-solid strawberries.

This side can either be served poured over your strawberries or served as a side bowl that can be dipped into at your pleasure.


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Ah, yes, another giant of the confectionary world. I mean, do we need to explain to you what chocolate is?

While solid chocolate and strawberries are a perfectly fine combination, the real treat with this flavor combination comes when you melt your chocolate of choice into a liquid form, making something truly special!

Having a bowl of strawberries by a chocolate fountain is a surefire hit at parties (and one that disappears quickly, too)!

You can get quite a surprising range of flavor profiles with strawberries, depending on the type of chocolate that you melt and serve with them.

Dark chocolate provides that trademark bitter flavor that they’re both loved and hated for, with makes for a strong contrast with the normally sweeter strawberries, whereas milk chocolate has a much subtler flavor when it is eaten with strawberries, with the cocoa complimenting the strong sweet flavor.

White chocolate, meanwhile, makes that sweet strawberry flavor even sweeter, thanks o its high sugar content!

If you have the time, we would recommend dipping your strawberries into your chocolate of choice, then allowing the chocolate to harden and solidify, creating a shell around the fruit.

It’s a fun and novel way to get these flavors and adds a completely new texture sensation (as well as a way to cut down on messes).

Of course, we do still love eating strawberries covered in still oozing chocolate!

Marshmallow Fluff, Chocolate Chips, 7 Graham Crackers

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This side dish is a little more involved, but one that makes for an amazing sweet snack to have for any situation, especially around a campfire!

Pretty much anyone who has been camping will have at least heard of s’mores, a sweet snack that is made by melting marshmallow fluff and chocolate (usually chocolate chips) between two graham crackers.

If this process sounds simple, it’s because it is, and is one of the major strengths of this treat, and why strawberries go well with it. Making these only requires 3 ingredients to make and a little heat.

(Well, 4, if we’re including strawberries in the mix, but the point still stands!)

Plus, it’s just a really solid flavor combination.

We’ve already talked at length as to why chocolate is such a great extra flavor, but the marshmallow fluff is even sweeter, yet still not as bold as strawberries, allowing the berry to shine in this little snack.

The graham crackers have a somewhat neutral flavor to them, maybe a little savory, which doesn’t interfere with the flavors going on inside!

So, next time you’re having a sweet lunch snack, or perhaps around a fire, make sure that you bring some strawberries along with your s’more ingredients!


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This one is a little looser in terms of a single actual food item, but it’s still a flavor combination that we want to mention.

Vanilla is a flavor that has a subtle sweet quality that pairs nicely with its own more floral flavor, which has made it a mainstay of recipes and desserts across the world for centuries.

When paired with the bold sweetness of strawberry, you get perhaps the perfect dessert flavor.

However, vanilla is not a food that you eat on its own, but a flavoring that you add to another food item to get the maximum effect.

For our money, vanilla custard or cream is an excellent way to mix this flavor with strawberries, as well as with ice cream (don’t worry, we’ll get to that shortly)!

Ice Cream

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Finally, to cap off this exceedingly sweet list, we have one of the most popular desserts in the world, and one of the best foods (in our opinion, at least) to serve with strawberries.

Ice cream texture has this unique quality on this list of starting hard or firm, but then slowly softening into… well, a creamy texture!

Both of these are great sides to have alongside strawberries, as the fruit will be a great firm texture to have on your palette as you also taste the smooth, melting ice cream.

In terms of flavors, the sky is the limit, with a truly mind-boggling amount of versatility when it comes to ice cream flavors.

Want to use vanilla, chocolate, or caramel? Banana? Bubblegum? Want to double up on strawberry flavor with strawberry ice cream?

All and more can be done!

Final Thoughts

We hope that this list has given you plenty of ideas for what to serve with strawberries!

8 Best Sides To Serve With Strawberries

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  • Sugar

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  • Chocolate Chips

  • 7 Graham Crackers

  • Vanilla

  • Ice Cream


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