What Does Japanese Original Ramune Taste Like? Does The Soda Taste Good?

Original Ramune soda is an iconic drink within Japan. While it was originally created as a medicine for mild illnesses, it is now a beverage which is enjoyed by many. 

It is also an intriguing drink when it comes to foreign tourists too due to its individual design. 

What Does Japanese Original Ramune Taste Like? Does The Soda Taste Good?

Opening a bottle of Original Ramune never gets old. As soon as you unwrap the ‘bottle opener’ you will hear the ‘clink’ of a marble against the glass as the pressure drops. 

This marble has an important job. It allows the carbonated drink to stay fizzy, even once the bottle is opened.

The drink itself is also more than just a beverage. It has a place within Japan culture as a trendy and iconic brand.

You can even buy merchandise and other consumable items under the Ramune name. 

While you might know what Original Ramune looks like and how the bottle works, you might also be wondering what it tastes like.

In this article we shall take a look at what original Ramune tastes like, and whether the soda tastes good.

What Is An Original Ramune?

It is difficult to pinpoint where Original Ramune came from exactly, but the agreed theory is that it was first invented in the mid-to-late 1800s in Kobe, Japan, by a pharmacist named Alexander Cameron Sim who originally came from Scotland.

He was living in Kobe at the time and invented Ramune as a way to treat mild illnesses. The flavor base of the medicine was lemons. This is why it is called Ramune, which means ‘lemonade’ in Japanese.

An Englishman called Hiram Codd is the person who made the drink into what it is today: a fizzy lemonade that has a high sugar content which is housed in a codd-neck bottle.

This is in reference to his name and the bottle shape.

The bottle is always made from glass and it has a marble within it. Since it was first created, the design of the bottle hasn’t been changed. 

Due to its wonderful lemon flavor and the design of the bottle, it has become a popular drink over the past few decades. People like it for its zesty notes and intriguing bottle. 

What Is The Flavor Of Original Ramune?

It is sometimes strange to think that such a popular beverage was once used as a way to treat and prevent Cholera. 

These days, Original Ramune (and all the other flavors) is now an iconic Japanese soda that is very refreshing.

It is not uncommon to buy an Original Ramune to keep you hydrated on a particularly warm day.

Original Ramune has a lemon-lime flavor, which is very similar to the flavor it began as. Lemons have always been the main flavor of this drink. 

The citrusy notes are nostalgic to many Japanese natives, as many have drank Original Ramune at some point in their lives.

When you take a sip of Original Ramune you are hit with a citrus burst, but the aftertaste is sweet and delicious.

This makes this beverage highly popular and refreshing to drink. It is also a very light drink too, hence why it is perfect to drink during the summertime.

What Other Ramune Flavors Are There?

Ramune doesn’t just come in its original form, there are also other flavors to choose from too. This is great if you do not like the citrusy notes of lemons and limes. 

Some of the other Ramune flavors include melon, grape, blueberry, peach, strawberry, orange, lychee, and so many more.

Japan is known for having a great selection of fruit sodas, so you will always be spoiled for choice.

What Is The Sugar Content Of Original Ramune?

Compared to other soda beverages, Original Ramune still ranks as a low sugar drink – despite being quite high in sugar. 

At 10 grams of sugar per bottle of Original Ramune (that is two and a half flat teaspoons worth), it can give you a burst of energy to start your day too.

It also helps to remove the tanginess of the lemons and limes that make up the main flavors of the drink.

Original Ramune is also caffeine- and gluten-free. This makes it a good alternative to a beverage such as Coca-Cola. 

How Do You Drink Original Ramune?

How Do You Drink Original Ramune?

The great thing about Original Ramune is the bottle, however, you might not know how to open it. There is a trick to doing so, otherwise you might not be able to drink it at all.

When you hold a Ramune bottle, place your palm on the cap to press the marble free into the bottle. It will take around 5 seconds to work.

You will know when it has worked, because you will hear the pressure of the drink change and the ‘clink’ of the marble against the glass.

You can now drink it from the bottle or pour some of the Original Ramune into a cup to enjoy.

If you do decide to drink it straight from the bottle, remember to tip it slowly. If you don’t, the marble will roll back into the bottleneck area.

While not dangerous, it will block any of the liquid being able to leave the bottle. 

What To Substitute For Original Ramune?

If you are needing some Original Ramune for a particular reason, you might not be able to get your hands on a bottle.

This is because it is a Japanese beverage and you will need to go to an Asian store to pick it up.

While it has gained in popularity over the years, it is still not something that is common to buy in the western world. 

Despite this, it is easy to use a substitute for Original Ramune. This is because the lemon-lime flavor is replicated elsewhere.

So, if you need Original Ramune but cannot find any, then take a look at these easy alternatives:



Sprite is one of the best alternatives for Original Ramune. This is because they have a similar consistency and flavor. 

While Original Ramune uses lemon as the base note, Sprite uses lime. This makes Sprite a great substitute if you cannot find Original Ramune anywhere to buy. They are both citrusy and refreshing. 

Also, Sprite is 100 percent caffeine-free! This means you do not have to worry about having to use a caffeine drink as the alternative. 

Sparkling Water With Flavor

Sparkling Water With Flavor

There are many flavored options when it comes to sparkling water. Some of these flavors include lemon and limes, and you may even find a lemon-lime beverage.

Sparkling waters tend to also be on the healthier side too, with less sugar and natural flavorings. 

Even so, you can add in your own sugar to make it a little sweeter. 

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

While lemon juice does not have the same consistency as Original Ramune, it can be used in place of the Japanese beverage if needed.

One way of making it more like Original Ramune is by adding in sparkling water to create some fizz, or by watering it down. It might be essential to do this, as lemon juice is very sharp.

How To Serve Original Ramune?

It is absolutely fine to drink Original Ramune as is, but there are also some other fun ways to drink it. For example, adding Original Ramune into a cocktail. Here are a couple to try:


Chihai is a Japanese cocktail that is often served within izakaya eateries that are common with Japanese salary workers. 

All it includes is a fruit juice (any will do), shochu, and Ramune. Just remember to add the ice. 


You have probably had a highball before, but did you know that you can use Ramune too? To make, you will need to pour some chilled whiskey into a glass over ice.

Stir the whiskey and ice cubes together gently, and pour Ramune into the rest of the glass. It is a refreshing and delicious drink. 

Final Thoughts

The Japanese drink Original Ramune is such a fun beverage to consume. Not only does it have a bottle that is interesting to use, but the taste is refreshing too.

The lemon-lime flavor is full of citrus notes that burst within that first sip to leave a sweet taste behind.

You will be wanting to drink this on its own straight out of the bottle, or be wanting to add it to a highball cocktail.

What Does Japanese Original Ramune Taste Like? Does The Soda Taste Good?

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